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8 July 2021 at 01:58


Owing to a whole huge mess of tangled state government COVID decisions that keep changing all the time Mr Damage has decided it’s best for all involved to reschedule the upcoming run of shows for The Greatest Hits tour by The Angels.

You must know how it is by now, if you’re in a red zone on a full moon and someone in an orange zone hasn’t been tested while standing on their head then it means that someone else in Queensland can’t go to Sydney unless they’ve been in Perth for 14 days locked inside their cousin’s house with a yellow permit sticker…. except for some reason this doesn’t seem to affect footballers or South Australians at the moment… not sure why they are different but it would seem that they are.

So, apart from one show in Adelaide on 24th Jul, Mr Damage has moved all the other dates for The Greatest Hits shows to next summer so fans and the band can all get back to pumping it up good and loud for all involved in a proper, up close, classic rock’n’roll fashion.

You can visit to view the revised dates.

Fine Print: Please note that the show in Armidale, NSW has had to be cancelled altogether and the new date for the show at The Sunken Monkey in Erina, NSW has yet to be announced. Just hang on to your current tickets and they will be honoured at the corresponding replacement gig… except Armidale, you’ll need to speak to your original ticket agent.

The Angels miss you and are hanging to crank it up and get sweaty!!

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