Tony Senatore Story


This is the truth about my life.

I was born in Sydney, Australia and I grew up in Central Sydney not far from UNSW Sydney that was originally the Powerhouse Museum. I would hangout at the Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW and Powerhouse Museum as a kid.

I was abuse as child up to age of 8. I had first epilepsy after was given cane at catholic school. My uncle arrived to Australia and stop the abuse, took me under his wings and trained me to be Administer.

My parents house was facing opposite to Elizabeth Theatre, I can hear music coming into my bedroom, it was like I had free concert. I started dancing at age of 6 and I would watch Fred Astaire, Elvis Presley, Gene Kelly and etc.

My mother took me to see Johnny O’Keefe perform at Roselands Shopping Centre.

My parents relocation from Central Sydney and bought a grocery shop. Former Prime Minister John Howard would come to our shop a lot and I would served him, so would former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull would come to our grocery shop.


I attended Kingsgrove High School which Al Grassby Sectary informed me “Tony you are Young Australian of Year, and you have Order of Australia medal”. The interview was recorded by Al Grassby Sectary in my headmaster office.

Then following year my parents came to Canberra for a visit. In Federal Parliament House I was walking in the hallway and Al Grassby ask me what’s your name my reply was “Tony Senatore” he escort me to Gough Whitlam office and informed the Prime Minister “this is Tony Senatore Young Australian Of Year”, he gave me liquorice.

Glenn A Barker house was two blocks from my parents house. I would walk by his house and hear OL’55 rehearsing songs from Take It Greasy album before it was released.


When Chuck Berry arrive for his Australian tour with special guest were The Keystone Angel and would later become The Angels. After watching concert on television I design my first instrumental was Tea Chest Bass and my second instrumental was Cigar Guitar Box.

I bought my very first acoustic guitar, I put a design on the guitar. I switch from acoustic to electric guitar. I bough Chuck Berry album The London Chuck Berry Sessions, I would play along with him.

My math teacher was former member of The Dingoes, he taught me how to write songs, which we both end up writing a blue song. Our school had Duntroon Royal Military College, I was ask to join the college to study music.

I was book for my first guitar lesson my music teacher took me in room and wait for a long time so I start play my guitar, he ran so fast and his reply was “hey, hey your not Chuck Berry as yet, you will get there, first you need to know the guitar chords”.

Work Experiences

My first job was at Woolworths as Paymaster and promoted to Human Resources as Assistant Manger.

My second job was working at steel company, my superior promoted me to Accounts as Bookkeeper and I was later promoted to Human Resources as Assistant Manger to Director of the company.

My third job was Koomarri in designing furniture and assist disability people and I was promoted as Assistant Manger.


My mother would take me to National Library Of Australia. She worked at ANSTEL (Australian National Scientific & Technological Library), I work with Jan Fullerton on projects in 1975. Director-General Dr George Chancer would take me to Executive and taught me about Director General duties.

CES (Commonwealth Employment Services) offer me a job in Human Resources and promotion as Director of the section.

Public Services Board offer me a job as Recruitment Officer and promotion as Director of Human Resources.


I commence working at National Library Of Australia, Director-General George Chandler selected me to be the further Director General for library, which included a course in Administration.

Sir Harold White was the first Director General for National Library Of Australia. He told me library history outside Anthony Squires originally was Woolworths at Manuka. He selected me as further Director General too. I adopted Sir Harold White unfinished policies in Certify Agreement.

My English teacher was former girlfriend of Rick Brewster, she made me do creative writing and told me stories about The Angels.


I was selected to promoted National Library Of Australia in Asia, Europe, USA, Canada. The video was later shown in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne theatres. The video appeared in Australian Bicentenary and Australian movie.

I saw The Church perform live outside Impact Records at Civic at Canberra. Steve Kilbey sang “Unguarded Moment” various versions, he bend over to me and ask me “which version of do you like of “Unguarded Moment“ my reply was “the last one” and his reply was “good I am make it demo, thank you”


I entered a dance contest at Italian Club and did my first robot dance and smooth dance. The funny thing was winner couldn’t to do it, I did and judge make a mistake and said “I should of won it”. Director-General Warren Horton witness it.

1987 – 1989

I join Toastmasters International Public Speaking Club. I was appointed to Meeting Sectary and Executive Sectary and Management Sectary. A lot of my Toastmasters ideas were published in The Canberra Times. I server as Sgt At Arms and run the meetings on time.

Ros Kelly MP attended our club meeting, I talk about Canberra what it needs to improve, she ask me “can I adopted some of ideas” my reply was “yes” and was follow by “you standout, I never seem nobody like you, I think Bob Hawke would be express with you, I can make you a backbencher under Bob Hawke administion, I am looking at further Prime Minister of Australia”. I won 4 awards as best speaker and was rank 10 in clear speaker.

Director-General Warren Horton appointed me as Sectary, 2nd powerful person as Director General Assistant to work with him on restructure the National Library of Australia. I severed in administion which included me (Tony Senatore), Jan Fullerton and Eric Wainwright we are the 4 official directories from 1987 to 1999.


On Australian Bicentenary has me in the opening and closing, the video was later shown around Australian theatres. The video also appeared in Australian movie. The Queen Elizabeth 2nd open Federal Parliament House, my father was one of the employees who work on the project. Governor General of Australia forward a biography and acknowledged my father for his contribution and was invited to received his medal in Order Of Australia.

Stuff Wrist guitarists ask me to join the band as new lead vocalists which I co-wrote the song for the band.


Director-General Warren Horton appointed me to draft Certify Agreement with Director of Human Resources. Director-General Warren Horton approved our politics, Prime Minster Paul Keating made it official and become law within the Australian Public Service in 1996. Both our names were stated in Federal Parliament House and appeared in Hansard 1994, 1995, 1996.

Director General Warren Horton made me run the National Library Of Australia from 1994, 1995 and given full control of library in 1996.


Brent Eccles Management invite me to attended The Angels inductions into ARIA Hall Of Fame, which I help them in the bio, technically I was originally ask to do speech on band behalf with Angry Anderson. Brent Eccles Management told I am at same level as The Angels band information, that’s offical.


My friend start writing songs and she put together a singing group. I end up as lead vocalist for National Library Of Australia Christmas Party and the backing band were The Groove King performed in front of 600 people, we won second place.

In same year I received alot phone calls from Angry Anderson about my website about him which he approval of. Also Carlton live broadcast on my website to promote Diesel.

October 2000

I received an email from Village Roadshow to design official site for Matt Finish.

From 2001 to 2002

I enrolled in Graphic Arts at CIT Solution, I have two certificates and received an A. My art teacher ask me to do Diploma in Administration and to redraw Jan Fullerton as a painting to go on exhibition at Canberra Museum and Gallery.


Anne Marie Schwirtlich approached me and said “I didn’t know I am work with handsome Director-General and my name is Anne-Marie your Assistant Director-General, I can’t wait to work with you”.


I enrol in modelling workshop that cover

– Human Resources
– Dealing with the media
– Dealing with people
– Self confidence
– Self esteem

The course was intense. I have 4 Diploma’s that are approval by ANU.

When Kylie Minogue arrive to Australia for her Light Years tour, I could her rehearsing some songs, my godmother want to give me VIP backstage pass and a dinner date with Kylie Minogue.

2004 I bought Beale piano.

April 2005

On my 25 years services Jan Fullerton stated the next Director General will be Tony Senatore. I enrol in Computer course with Bond University and I got 98% in 8 units out of 12.

2005 to 2006

I learned to play the piano in one year I play 30 songs. My piano teacher gave 8 songs to play, I arrive late for my lesson and played them in 25 minutes, and she gave me 2 more songs at total of 10 songs. I learn to play The Pray same date as Anthony Calle released his single. My music teacher told me you can be professional pianists.

I was in Adult Chat Room Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were hangout in rooms as ParisNicole and NicoleParis before finishing The Simple Life, One day Paris Hilton chatted with me and show me a song call “Stars Are Blind” and ask me if I could change words, only added new lyrics to  the chorus and to be her backing vocals to the song. She told me ideas for video saying the model is me in video. We end up writing another song and she recorded “Do Ya Think I am Sexy” and there one song dedicated to me. Paris Hilton gave me full size album cover before it was released and told me to watch Video Hits, I did watch it. She would sign The Angels and Rose Tattoo guestbook.

When she arrive to Australia in 2017 she stated my name on Facebook live stream.

Me playing the piano.

It was honour to work with Robyn Holmes in Administration, who was Music Creator at National Library Of Australia. She let me hold Slim Dusty first record he recorded, and ask me to design rock page for Music Australia website. Also to play piano as duet at National Library Of Australia Christmas Party. Robyn Holmes got me involved in a lot projects with her in music.


Julia Gillard approached me in National Library of Australia foyer and said these words “Tony your handsome and good looking, I can’t wait to appoint you as Director-General for National Library Of Australia”, follow by “you should be in my Administration not there at the library.”

Peter Garrett ask Jan Fullerton “whose next Director-General of National Library Of Australia”, her reply was “Tony Senatore’, his reply was “we need someone who loves arts and music, his the right person for the job” and was follow by “his name is well established in music industry his name always comes up in Australian Music Industry”.

Jan Fullerton stated many times “the really Director-General is Tony Senatore for the National Library of Australia not me”. Followed by “he was born for the job as Director General”. Jan Fullerton followed by “I help Tony found articles on The Angels Australian rock band, his big fan.”

QC Judge from Hight Court Australia told me I am real Director-General for National Library of Australia. Showed me documents of proof it’s me. Told me Australian Public Service Act was updated in 2005, which clearly states, if you work in one Government Department for 25 and over you are Senior Executive Officer. The law act appeared in Middle Management Magazine in 2005.

The Hon. Kevin Andrews MP for Minister for Defence, did a speech on my life at Italian Club in Canberra.


The Aussie Bands Music Page was stated in Federal Parliament House, which is protected site online for Australian musicians.

I bought Cort AF580-SB acoustic guitar at Better Music, I was playing songs like “Father & Son”, “Moon Shadow”, “Sailing”, “Nights In White Satin”, “The Bank Of Ohio”, “Are You Lonely Tonight”, “Wooden Heart”, “Two Of Us”, “Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End” the list goes on from rock, country, folk. I am converting piano songs to guitar.

From 17 to 22 August 2013

I was on Carnival Spirit boat cruise to visit New Caledonia. I dance at adult night club and Caribbean Party, I was dancing next to Paul Eric Merciadez from Justice Crew, I notice there was Solo Tohi, Lukas Bellesini doing hip hop dance to “This Is Best Night” and “Boom Boom”, Paul was nice with me, he gave me free dance steps and a hi 5.

I must done about 30 actives, I was so busy attending all foundation on the list. Carnival Spirit had no internet, everything was recorded by Carnival Spirit which can be seem online from there website.

From 10 July to 6 August 2014

I was Cunard Queen Elizabeth II. I was too busy enjoying myself and I had girls asking for a dance with me. I never I never used the internet on boat cruise. There was one member from EOS String Quartet who like me a lot. When arrive in France I was told “I seen you in a movie”, I got same reply in Roma, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Corfu, Koto, Montenegro, Dubrovik, Venice and Dubai.

– 10 July – Brisbane
– 11 July – Mercure Centre Tour Eiffel
– 12 July – Paris Tour
– 13 July – Paris Tour
– 14 July – Fiumiccino, Italy
– 18 July – Queen Elizabeth II – Mediterranean Voyage
– 19 July – Livorno, Italy
– 20 July – Livorno, Italy
– 21 July – Monte Carlo, Monaco
– 22 July – Toulon, France
– 23 July – Barcelona, Spain
– 24 July – Civitavecchia, Italy
– 25 July – Pearls Of The Adriatic Voyoyage
– 26 July – Corfu, Greece
– 27 July – Corfu, Greece
– 28 July – Kotor, Montenegro
– 29 July – Dubrovnik, Croatia
– 30 July – Venice, Italy
– 31 July – Venice, Italy
– 04 Aug – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
– 05 Aug – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
– 06 Aug – Sydney, Australia

I bought Ibanez GIO RG150DX electric guitar and Roland Micro Cube GX 3W. I found the guitar neck is smooth easy slide my hand is comfortable and has 2 hum-buckers and 1 single coil. Roland Micro Cube GX has a lot sound effects and it beat out. I am happy what bought. I switch to Fender Mustang GT Guitar Amplifier which comes with a lot guitar feature.

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