Chris Welch and Aj De Barro inner notes from Never Too Loud, 1997
Muarry Engleheart inner notes from Nice Boys Boys Don’t Rock ‘n’ Roll, 1998
Albert Productions inner notes from Good Times 50 Years, 2014
Re-edited by Tony Senatore

Introduction ……..

Rose Tattoo unleashed a unique blend of punk aggression and rock rebellion when they burst out of the seething Australian scene of the mid-seventies. They set out to shock and rock, and there were few more terrifying spectacles on stage than Angry Anderson, their scowling, snarling singer. With his bald head glistening under the spotlights and a mass of garish tattoos covering his rippling muscles, Anderson embodied the living, breathing spirit of bad-boy rock ‘n’ roll.

A gritty singer and uncompromising lyricist, he fronted one of the most dynamic ‘people’s bands’ to emerge from Australia’s musical melting pot. During a ten-year, Rose Tattoo revolved from a Sydney bikers’ band to an influential rock phenomenon. They were seen as frontrunners of the Los Angeles Glam band movement and inspired Guns N’ Roses during their meteoric rise to fame.

Rose Tattoo began as a dark, brooding vision conjured up by Peter Wells, the imposing figure who had played bass with Sydney punks, Buffalo. What to create was the loudest most aggressive rock ‘n’ roll outfit the planet had ever seen. Inspired by Ry Cooder’s work with Frank Zappa associate, Captain Beefheart, Peter switched to slide guitar and set about forging a brutal, slashing style. This move created a vacancy in his monster band vision for a bass player and Ian Rilen was drafted. Gary “Angry” Anderson first made an impact as the honorary leader of raw Melbourne blues-rock band Buster Brown on drums Phil Rudd and bass player Geordie Leach. It was Buffalo bass player Peter Wells who in 1976 decided to form the band that became Rose Tattoo, decided on their style of boogie and blues music, and their street look, united by their tattooed bodies. Soon after the band was formed Ian Rilen of Band Of Light joined on bass to allow Peter to switch to slide guitar. The line-up fell into place with Gary “Angry” Anderson and bass player Geordie Leach, from Melbourne’s Buster Brown. Mick Cook was looking for a band Peter was working on after Angry’s recruited another Melbourne Dallas “Digger” Royal on drums.

The band’s first gig debut was on New Year’s Eve 1976 at Sydney’s Bondi Lifesaver and it wasn’t just the volume and aggression that drew attention. Pub owners were terrified that booking the band would just invite rioting and violence. For some time their only haunts in Sydney were the Bondi Lifesaver and Chequers. Like AC/DC they struggled in the beginning and had to earn audiences’ respect before they were accepted. Bon Scott and Angus Young regularly joined the band on stage, and it was Bon Scott who recommended that the band be signed to their label, Alberts in 1976. By the end of 1977 had been captured on vinyl by Vanda and Young. Bad Boy For Love, is an example of the pair’s ability to tease nascent hooks from Rose Tattoo’s heavy thunder. The B-side was Snow Queen, equal carnally to anything from the pen of Bon Scott. The track was made available on CD with the release of Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock ‘N’ Roll CD. Both songs were written by bass player Ian Rilen and were produced by Harry Vanda and George Young. Rose Tattoo’s song Bad Boy For Love reached #19 on the Australian Single Charts in late 1977.

Their first debut album, Rose Tattoo, on 18 November 1978 with Albert Productions. It remains one of the classic Australian rock albums. Heavy on the aggression and atmosphere this album brims with street anthems like Bad Boy For Love, Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw and Remedy. Rose Tattoo stands as one of the most revered Australian hard rock bands of all time and has an international reputation on the heavy metal circuit. Guns N’ Roses later recorded the album Nice Boys and subsequent singles were Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw and One Of The Boys which got the band banned on Countdown programmed after Angry Anderson and Mick Cocks “kissed” during the song (they were swapping chewing gum). A version of The Kinks You Really Got Hold On Me was recorded and remains unreleased. In Europe and the UK, the album was re-titled as Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw.

A Various Artists compilation album, Canned Rock, released with Albert Productions, features two live versions of Bad Boy For Love and Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaws on the release. Geordie Leach had been recruited to consolidate the line-up with Angry Anderson. The album was re-issued on 20 September 1990, with eight bonus tracks, six of which were previously unreleased.

Mick Cocks and Geordie Leach took leave of absence in 1979 and the band continued as a four-piece with guitar godfather and early seventies’ leader of Melbourne’s infamous Coloured Balls, Lobby Loyde. He briefly joined Rose Tattoo as a bass player and released a single, Release Legalise with the Independent label Repeal there misspelt both Dallas “Digger” Royal and Lobby Loyde.

Their second album, Assault And Battery, was in September 1981 with Albert Productions. It reached #1 on the UK Heavy Metal Charts. It also produced 2 big singles Out Of This Place and Manzil Madness. The album was produced by Venda Young produced the album and featured 10 tracks of hard-edged street rock. Rose Tattoo’s European live debut was with Rainbow in 1981, and that year the band went down a storm on their debut UK festival appearance at the Reading Rock Festival. After this guitarists Michael Cocks left to be replaced by Robin Riley.

Axl Rose “LA and you see Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue doing the whole tattoo business and ripping them (Rose Tattoo) off completely. They (Guns N’ Roses) even did one of their songs in their set, Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock ‘N’ Roll).

The track Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw was covered in 1981 by American rock vocalist Helen Schneider under the title of Rock ‘N’ Roll Gypsy and went on to become a worldwide hit, while Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock ‘N’ Roll) was later covered by Guns N’ Roses on their debut EP Live?!*@ Like a Suicide. The song was performed live on 17 December 1988 at Sydney Entertainment Centre on their Australian tour Welcome To The Jungle. The song would later be recorded as a studio version and appeared on the album G N’ R Lies in 1988 and the German compilation album Make My Day in 1991.

In the early eighties, the band came to live and work in London for a while. Then in December 1982, Rose Tattoo embarked on a five-week US tour supporting Aerosmith and Pat Travers. In the early eighties, the band came to live and work in London for a while. Then in December 1982, Rose Tattoo embarked on a five-week USA tour. 

Aerosmith and Pat Travers. American fans found Rose Tattoo a somewhat frightening, alien spectacle. Many mistook them for English skinheads and wondered if their mass of garish tattoos were real. They were taken aback at the sight of Angry Anderson shouting at them about working-class heroes and villains. In Britain, audiences were more receptive and one of the band’s proudest moments came when Rose Tattoo was voted Best New Band Of 1981 by readers of Kerrang.

Angry Anderson “A rose is delicate, beautiful and associated with high romance. But tattoos are masculine, aggressive and ugly. We are as outrageously macho as we appear but we’re not a bunch of idiots, we are really thinking caring people”

Their third album, Scarred For Life, was on 01 June 1982 with Albert Productions. Produced 3 singles and peaked at #14 on the Australian National charts in 1982. The band went on a three-month tour of the USA, which took in support dates for the likes of Aerosmith and ZZ Top meanwhile Scarred For Life went on to sell 70,000 copies. Robin Riley wrote four of the songs on Scarred For Life the title track, We Can’t Be Beaten also UK single, Branded and It’s Gonna Work Itself Out.

Line-Up Changes ……..

The first Narara Music Festival was held over the Australia Day long weekend on 30 January 1983 at the Central Coast of NSW. Featuring Mighty Guys, Uncanny X-Men, Allniters, Jo Jo Zep, Dragon, Mi-Sex, Goanna, Richard Clapton, Cold Chisel and Rose Tattoo.

Pete Wells, Dallas Royal and Robin Riley departed the band in early 1983. The line-up was Angry Anderson (lead vocals), Geordie Leach (bass), Gregg Jordan (guitar), John Meyer (guitar) and Robert Bowron (drums) for a tour with Choirboys and The Angels hit the road for East Coast tour in June 1983.

Scatted Aces were, basically a heavy rock group formed in mid-1983. Slide guitar Pete Wells and guitar, vocals Chris Turner were former members of the Buffalo and have both performed with Rose Tattoo. Bass player Ronnie Peel adopted the stage name Rockwell T. James a former member of One Ton Gypsy, La De Das. Drummer Fred Zeppelin real name is Paul DeMarco was recruited to the band. Mini album Six Pack and single C’mon Everybody originally by Eddie Cochran.

Their fourth album, Southern Stars, 10 October 1984 with Albert Productions. Southern Stars is the constellation that you see on the flag and it means everything that’s Australian to Australians. The album was essentially made by Angry Anderson and Geordie Leach, together with Gregg Jordan (guitar), John Meyer (guitar) and Scott Johnston (drums). Including the Australian hit single, I Wish, finds the band moving in a more AOR style. However, the 10 featured tracks lack none of the band’s customary bite, on Saturday’s Rage in particular, they more than, actually capture the cross between Hard Rock and Metal. Southern Stars CD music contains a single disc with 10 songs.

From 1984 to 1985 Angry Anderson put the band on hold while he appeared in the film Bullamakanka and took on the role of Ironbar Bassey in the Mad Max movies. He’d also become a TV personality, accepting the midday Ray Martin Show invitation to appear in segments about ‘youth’ issues.

Pete Wells formed Illustrated Men in November 1984. Featured former members of Rose Tattoo with Ian Rilen (vocals), Mick Cocks (guitar), Georgie Leach (bass) and Dallas Royal (drums). The band’s style of music was loud shaking the function of rock ‘n’ roll and performed most of Ian Rilen songs and of course Bad Boy For Love Rose Tattoo classic. Illustrated Men would later disband after Pete Wells joined Lucy Desoto Band in 1985.

A compilation album, A Decade of Rock was released on 29 March 1986 with Albert Productions. All tracks were recorded at Albert Studios, Sydney, Australia. The cover includes a pictorial liner notes sleeve. This release has the incredible vocal of Angry Anderson with wicked slide guitar work from Pete Wells. This compilation features Southern Stars, Death Or Glory, I Wish and No Secrets Rose Tattoo classics tracks. Engineers by Sam Horsburgh Jnr, Colin Freeman, and Bruce Brown and was produced by Vanda & Young.

The fifth album, A Beats From A Single Drum, was on 22 November 1986 with Mushroom. Contributions to the album were Tim Gaze, Andy Cichon and Scott Johnson and additional help from Stewart Fraser and Michael Caruana. In the UK it was issued as Angry Anderson’s first solo album with a different cover and replaced Michael O’Reilly with Born To Be Wild with a picture sleeve in 1989. Recorded at Rhinoceros Studios, engineered by Alan Wright and produced by Kevin Beamish.

Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell wedding was a phenomenal success for Neighbours. The church scenes were filmed at the Holy Trinty Church in Doncaster and were shown on Network Ten on 01 July 1987. The wedding theme was Suddenly sung by Angry Anderson. After the wedding episode aired, Suddenly a wonderful piano ballad was released on 11 July 1978 with Mushroom. Provided the love ballad for lead singer Angry Anderson. The great-illustrated man of Australian rock of Rose Tattoo peaked at #2 on the national singles charts.

The show was sold out at Whiskey Au Go Go in Los Angeles and the audience was treated to a memorable encore, when Doc Neeson and Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses, joined Angry Anderson at the microphone for a spirited version of Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock ‘N’ Roll).

Dallas “Digger” Royal passed within eight months of cancer in 1989. Free of drug problems by then he was a hospitalist and had tests on his ulcers, and found out they were tumours. After years of struggle with heroin addiction and alcoholism the band took the chance to stay together for a successful pub tour of Australia.

The Benefit Concert For Steve Gilpin some of the biggest names in Australian rock come together to mourn their friend Steve Gilpin in the best way they know-how. In six hours there were 6,000 people crammed inside the Hordern Pavilion. It had an incredible line-up The Radiators, Shauna Jensen, GANGgajang, James Reyne, Mental As Anything, Midnight Oil, Don Walker, Chris Bailey, The Angels, Angry Anderson, Kevin Borich, Swanee, John Brewster, Gyan, Austen Tayshus, Marc Hunter, Mark Williams, Jenny Morris, Alex Smith, Matt Moffat, Jimmy Barnes, Dave Bobbyn, Buzz Bidstrup and the re-formed Mi-Sex.

A second compilation album, Angry Metal: 20 Great Tracks, was released on 10 February 1993 with Repertoire Records. Greatest hits with 20 tracks from one of Australia’s finest rock exports. Includes Tatts classics like Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw, One Of The Boys, Scarred For Life and Southern Stars all of which make this a great Rose Tattoo collection.

Rose Tattoo was persuaded to reunite to support Guns N’ Roses on their tour of New Zealand and Australia in February 1993, plus a small tour of their own. The original line-up sadly without drummer Dallas “Digger” Royal, who had died in 1989.

Guns N’ Roses came back to Australia only for two big concerts in Sydney and Melbourne, they asked Rose Tattoo, one of their all-time favourite hard rock bands to reform and support them. Australians love the Tatts, and their place in the pantheon of Australian rock legends is assured. Many consider them born to be wild hard rock gods. The Tatts took the chance to stay together for a successful pub tour of Australia. The band played again, together with Billy Thorpe in Brisbane at the former Boggo Road Goal in July. Then the Tatts were inactive again for several years.

Rose Tattoo video, Live From Boggo Road Jail 1993, was released on 31 July 1993 with Warner Vision. The original line-up of Angry Anderson, Peter Wells, Geordie Leech and Mick Cocks reunited to celebrate the closing of the jail alongside the Divinyls and Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs. Umbrella Entertainment released the video on DVD on 3 March 2003. The band deliver a thumping set of all their big hits including Out of This Place, Bad Boy For Love, Assault & Battery, Tramp, The Butcher And Fast Eddy, Rock ‘N’ Roll Is King, Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw, One Of The Boys, Nice Boys, Going Down and the Rolling Stones classic Street Fighting Man. The original line-up of Angry Anderson, Peter Wells, Geordie Leech and Mick Cocks reunited to celebrate the closing of the jail alongside the Divinyls and Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs.

Blood Brothers ……..

Angry Anderson toured with The Angels and Ross Wilson, The Lounge Lizard Tour, on 13 May 1997, the show was an hour of Raw, Powerful Acoustic Rock. The Angels’ song Love Takes Care featured Doc Neeson (acoustic guitar, vocals), Ross Wilson (percussion, vocals), Brent Eccles (percussion, vocals), John Brewster (acoustic guitar, vocals), Rick Brewster (acoustic guitar, vocals), Jim Hilbun (acoustic guitar, vocals) and Angry Anderson (drums). He sang Rose Tattoo classic stand songs and the same solo song like Suddenly was the closing song.

A third compilation 2CD Never Too Loud, released on 21 July 1997 with Repertoire Records. The only definitive anthology of 37 superbly remastered singles, album tracks and b-sides. Includes liner notes by Angry Anderson tells the full fascinating, story of Rose Tattoo to Chris Welch in the accompanying booklet. Produced by Vanda Young memorable tracks from the Tatts, including Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock ‘N’ Roll), The Butcher And Fast Eddy, One Of The Boys and We Can’t Be Beaten together with rare live recordings from the BBC archives. Two CDs in a slimline jewel case and housed in a slipcase.

A fourth compilation 2CD, Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock ‘N’ Roll, was released on 14 July 1998 with Albert Productions. Original cover sleeve and has been re-issued with a bonus CD Single All Hell Broke Loose. Includes the UK Top 75 single Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaws and the Australian Top 10 Bad Boy For Love plus the original version of Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock ‘N’ Roll, which was later covered by Guns N’ Roses. This package comes with a biography about Rose Tattoo written by Murray Engleheart.

Angry Anderson inducted the Angels into the ARIA Hall Of Fame on 20 October 1998 at Capitol Theatre, Sydney. The Angels and Rose Tattoo released special collectable CDs and both bands performed for All Hell Broke Loose Tour, on 03 July up to August 1998. After the experience of The Lounge Lizard Tour. Line-up was Angry Anderson, Peter Wells, Mick Cocks original bass player Ian Rilen and new drummer Paul DeMarco. Geordie Leach replaced Ian Rilen on 01 August 1999.

The first double-disc live set, 25 To Life, was released on 28 November 2000 with Steamhammer. Recorded live at Wacken, Brackel, Germany and was distributed through SPV Records in Europe. Includes liner notes by Murray Engleheart. Engineer Hans Steffen and Malcolm Devenish. Audio Mixers Nikolo Kotzev, Rainer Hansel. Rainer Hansel produced the album.

Rose Tattoo performed for Ted Mulry Gang Benefit Concert at City Live Night Club, Sydney’s Fox Studios on 10 March 2001. The band toured the UK for the first time in 18 years and was rewarded with an exceptional KKKKK live review in Kerrang on 16 June 2001.

Rocker and activist Angry Anderson will lead The Damn Fine Band at a charity concert at Club Nova Newcastle on 07 April 2001. Three other Sydney hard rock bands will play, including Black Label, Ghost Road and the Bellhops. Proceeds of the evening will go to the now independent Newcastle Volunteer Centre, who provide volunteers to groups such as the Stockton Centre, City Mission, The Samaritans and the Volunteer Coastguard. Volunteer centre spokesman Alan Metcalf said it was in dire need of support since government funding to the organisation ceased last year.

Their first debut album, Pete Wells / Angry Anderson & The Damn Fine Band, was released on 01 October 2001 with Independent. The founding members of Rose Tattoo have come together once more to kick out some of the finest blues-rock jams which were recorded live at Damien Gerards. Their stomping blues covers packed out the venues and as a result of their success, a CD was released later in the year, which sold heavily.

Jim Hilbun “words yeah, the boys are still going strong. I think they’re still tossing around ideas for the cover but it should be happening soon”

Their sixth album, Pain, was released on 23 June 2002 with Steamhammer. It is almost sixty minutes of brilliant, pure, undiluted, unadulterated rocking bluesy metal. The first studio in 18 years with 16 tracks like Black Magic, House Of Pain, Satan’s Eyes and Illustrated Man was recorded at Karo Studio Brachel, Germany and released with SPV Records. Singer Angry Anderson and slide guitar demon Peter Wells still front the band as they pound through blistering tunes teeming with full-throttle vocals and explosive guitar licks. Australian hard rock band, whose sound is a mix of blues-rock influences. You’ll have a fair idea about the sound of Pain was produced by Rainer Hansel. Jim Hilbun designed the album cover Pain which includes posters and merchandise for Rose Tattoo. SPV re-issued on 27 April 2009 UK Deluxe Edition 2 LP vinyl record set.

The band was co-headline for Rock and Blues Festival with Doro Pesch was held on 27 July 2002 in Derby. Rose Tattoo was a bunch of Aussie head cases who wrote true classics, often covered to this day, like Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock ‘N’ Roll) and Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaws and lived it as they sang it every step of the way. There’s so much soul in that voice as the band swagger through Rock ‘N’ Roll Is King and One Of The Boys that it simply puts everyone else to shame. Doro Pesch female former lead vocalist of 80s and 90s German rockers Warlock. The band confirmed a short notice low key London gig at the Garage on 29 July 2002.

Deep Purple special guests are Rose Tattoo who will support them on their Australian tour and the band’s first gig on 26 April 2004 at the State Theatre.

Ian Rilen & The Love Addicts album, Passion Boots & Bruises, was released on 30 November 2004 with Bang Records. A cross between Keith Richards and Charles Bukowski, an album full of gritty blues-based rock, exactly what you would expect from the man who wrote Bad Boy For Love and Dirty Degenerate Boy, Rilen is an unsung National Treasure according to Cold Chisel’s Don Walker. Rilen’s latest incarnation with the Love Addicts is dirty swamp blues-rock and Booze To Blame is the first single lifted from the Passion Boots & Bruises album and features CD Single Booze To Blame, Inside Out, Rock ‘N’ Roll Man including a live version of Bad Boy For Love.

Re-issued as deluxe and limited editions in triple cover digipak CD with huge inner booklet, as well as limited edition of 500 thick vinyls with gatefold full-colour cover on 19 February 2007.

Pete Wells response to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw Benefit Show was typically short and warm “I’m totally overwhelmed by this love and generosity” he said. He’s a man of few words is Mr Wells. He prefers to let his guitar do the talking and his snakeskin boots do the walking.

Pete Wells Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw Benefit Show was held on 7 September 2005 at Enmore Theatre, Sydney. Featuring Rose Tattoo, Billy Thorpe, Diesel, Sarah McLeod, Noiseworks, Tim Gaze (Taman Shud/Ariel), Dave Tice and Chris Turner (Buffalo), Beasts of Bourbon, Pete Wells All-Star Band, Ian Rilen & The Love Addicts, Tex Don & Charlie, Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers & The Temperance Union, Dave Hogan’s Melt Down, The Original Angels Band, Ian Moss and The Radiators.

The second gig was held on 09 October 2005 at The Palace, Melbourne. Pete Wells founder of Rose Tattoo passed away after a long battle with prostate cancer on 27 March 2006. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2002 and has been undergoing treatment, which has caused him to stand aside from touring with Rose Tattoo.

EP Black Eyed Bruiser was released on 3 August 2005 with Armageddon, produced and mastered by Mark Opitz. Recorded at Studio 301 in Sydney, Australia. The opening track is Stevie Wright originally recorded Black Eyed Bruiser, written by Harry Vanda and George Young. Live tracks Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw, Remedy and Astra Wally were recorded in Sydney at the Pete Wells Benefit Concert.

Pete Wells & Blues Hangover album Greetings From The Aloha Monkey, on 29 May 2006 with Shock Records. Posthumous from the iconic Australian guitarist, whose passing on 27 March 2006 was deeply felt by the Australian rock and blues communities. Blues Hangover was a part-time outfit Peter and his regular music partner, pianist Lucy Desoto, formed a decade ago. This third and final album from the band was recorded in December 2005, just before Peter entered the final stages of cancer that took his life.

Rose Tattoo performed for Wacken Open Air at Wacken, Germany on 05 August 2006. The band line-up was Angry Anderson (vocals), Mick Cocks (guitar), Dai Pritchard (slide guitar), Stephen King (bass) and Paul DeMarco (drums).

ARIA Hall Of Fame inducted Divinyls, Icehouse, Daddy Cool, Helen Reddy, Lobby Loyde and Rose Tattoo on 16 August 2006 was held at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre. Will see Jet pay tribute to Rose Tattoo, and will perform We Can’t Be Beaten. Australian-based New Zealand star Brooke Fraser will perform Helen Reddy’s Delta Dawn. Divinyls founding members Chrissy Amphlett and Mark McEntee will take to the stage for the first time in almost 12 years to perform two of their biggest hits, I Touch Myself and Boys in Town while Daddy Cool will regroup to perform their iconic hits, Eagle Rock and Come Back Again. Iva Davies and Icehouse will perform We Can Get Together and Great Southern Land and finally, Billy Thorpe And The Sunbury Aztecs will perform a very special musical tribute to Lobby Loyde.

Ian Rilen founding member of Rose Tattoo and X battled with bladder cancer and passed away on 30 October 2006. There had a benefit show featuring Rose Tattoo, The Hoodoo Gurus, The Beasts of Bourbon, Don Walker and the Suave Fucks and Tim Rogers, Billy Thorpe and Divinyls singer Chrissie Amphlett. His recent band was the Love Addicts had him on vocals and guitar and also included a stripped back jazz inspired version of the Rose Tattoo hit Bad Boy For Love.

Rock On …….

A Various Artists compilation album, Bon Scott Celebration Concert was recorded in Australia on 25 February 2007 at Claremont Showgrounds. Over 10,000 Rock fans witnessed Bon’s mates and peers pay tribute to him at this very special performance. This live CD contains blistering performances from AC/DC’s mid 70’s label mates, Rose Tattoo and members of the Angels plus an all-star Party Boys featuring the original lead singer of AC/DC Dave Evans, Alan Lancaster (Status Quo), original AC/DC bassist Mark Evans, Angry Anderson, Dave Gleeson and Bon’s co-lead singer from The Valentines, Vince Lovegrove. A must for all fans of AC/DC and Aussie Rock.

Their seventh album, Blood Brothers, was released on 16 February 2007 with Armageddon Music. Rose Tattoo has been at the top of the pile for years. The raw style of blues-rock that the Australians manage to create out of a hot mix of slide guitars, pounding hooks with sharp and tight rhythm along with the unmistakable voice of the frontman Angry Anderson. A true rock ‘n’ roll album that mixes traditional and modern styles in a super high quality but is also a tribute to the band members Peter Wells and Ian Rilen who unfortunately recently lost their lives. The album and DVD Blood Brothers Special Tour Edition released on October 07, 2008, by Wacken Records, featured Rose Tattoo Live At Wacken 2006 and Rose Tattoo TV Interview.

Blood Brothers (Bonus Reissue Edition), on 23 March 2018 with Golden Robot Records. With the addition of 6 bonus live tracks, 2007’s Blood Brothers is set for reissue. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll album that mixes traditional and modern styles and is a tribute to previous band members no longer with us. This blood-red double vinyl LP features 17 tracks, including the original 11 on disc 1 and 6 live tracks on disc 2.

Lobby Loyde was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame on 16 August 2006 at the Plaza Ballroom and was held at Melbourne’s Regent Theatre. He passed away at Box Hill Hospital after a long battle with lung cancer that eventually spread throughout his body on 21 April 2007. Born John Baslington Lyde in Longreach, Queensland, in 1941. His mother was a classically trained pianist and his father a jazz trumpeter and as a teenager, he joined them in country town performances in outback Queensland. He was a driving force behind the Aztecs, rhythm and blues band the Purple Hearts, and Wild Cherries, and he then formed the Coloured Balls and Southern Electric.

Motörhead Australian tour with special guest Rose Tattoo at Convention Centre, Brisbane, QLD, on 3 October 2007. Dai Pritchard does awesome slide guitar on favourite anthems Bad Boy For Love, Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw, Assault And Battery and One Of The Boys the crowd showed appreciation for their music and finally was Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock ‘N’ Roll). Rose Tattoo and Motörhead last show at Challenge Stadium, Perth, WA on 16 October 2007.

Angry Anderson organised Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven on 15 December 2007 was held at WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong. Raised money to build the Dunn & Lewis Memorial Centre and included Rose Tattoo, The Radiators, The Screaming Jets, GANGgajang, Choirboys, The Original Angels Band (John Brewster, Rick Brewster, Chris Bailey and Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup), The Party Boys Kevin Borich, Alan Lancaster (Status Quo), Randall Waller (Shania Twain Band), Paul Christie (Mondo Rock).

Rose Tattoo headlines Blood Brothers European Tour 2008 with special guests Havanna Heat Club and Nicki Puppet and ends on 12 July 2008.

Various Artists album, A Tribute To Lobby Loyde, Billy Thorpe and Pete Wells, were released on 06 December 2008 with Bombora Music. Are a stirring reminder of the talent and fraternity of Australian music. To celebrate the lives of outstanding musicians Pete Wells and Lobby Loyde while they were still with us, Billy Thorpe organised two almighty benefit concerts. Tribute is the result. This live 11-track CD (with 3 bonus DVD tracks) features Richard Clapton, Brian Cadd, Ian Rilen, Noiseworks, Rose Tattoo, Ian Moss, Russell Morris, Spectrum, and Diesel along with Billy and Lobby. Profits from the sale of Tribute go to Support Act and the families of Lobby, Pete and Billy.

Mick Cocks concert One Of The Boys on 24 July 2009 was held at the Enmore Theatre. Well, known musicians have come together to support one of their own, Mick Cocks guitarist and founding member of the iconic Australian rock band Rose Tattoo. Artists confirmed for the show are Jimmy Barnes, You Am I, Ian Moss, Rose Tattoo, The Screaming Jets, The Radiators, Mark Gable (Choirboys), Phil Small, Dave Tice and Mark Evans (ex AC/DC), Steve Prestwich, Chris Turner, Lucy Desoto and Shauna Jensen, Dee DeMarco plus a house super band featuring Randall Waller (Shania Twain Band, guitar), Clayton Doley (keyboards), Dario Bortolin (bass), Paul DeMarco (drums), Theo Katz (drums) and Andy Thompson (Sax Moving Pictures). Mick Cocks lost his battle against liver cancer and secondary tumours in his lungs and passed away today, on 22 December 2009.

Guns N’ Roses will be special guests ZZ Top and Australian rock legends Rose Tattoo on March 09, 12, 13, 17 and 20, 2012. The groundbreaking debut album featured classic hits Welcome To The Jungle, Paradise City, and chart-topping hit Sweet Child O’ Mine. Guns N’ Roses most recent release, Chinese Democracy in 2008 and debuted at number one in 13 countries. ZZ Top iconography beards, cars, girls, and magic keychains transcend all bounds of geography and language. The band’s latest album La Futura, produced by Rick Rublin and Billy Gibbons is available through Universal Music Australia. Rose Tattoo is touted as the best bar-room blues-based rock band in the world and one of the most revered bands of all time. The lineup features lead vocalist Angry Anderson, Dai Pritchard, Paul DeMarco, Geordie Leach and Randall Waller.

Ian Rilen & The Love Addicts album, Family From Cuba, was released on 21 September 2012 with Phantom Records. The late, great Ian Rilen make the final album recording. The 14 tracks are packaged with a 72-page booklet, giving an insight into the life and times of our original Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw and accompanied by incredible photos. His husky voice on each track gives a powerful raw energy with lots of stomping blues. As you listen to Rock ‘N’ Roll Man in Ian Rilen own words, I play rock ‘n’ roll man for a livin’, as if you couldn’t tell I’m a rock ‘n’ roll man, we’re just doin’ it ’cause we can.

Musicians and music personalities will be gathering together for Rock For Doc a benefit concert on 15 April 2013 was held at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney. Featuring The Angels (Doc Neeson, Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup, Jim Hilbun, Bob Spencer and James Morley), Angry Anderson, Baby Animals, Don Walker, Suze De Marchi, Diesel, Diva Demolition, Dragon, Jon English, Mark Gable, David Hasselhoff, Rob Hirst, Jim Moginie, Mi-Sex, The Radiators, Rose Tattoo, Melinda Schneider, Stellar, Jimmy Barnes, Noiseworks, Red Pheonix.

Their fifth compilation album, The Essential Rose Tattoo, was released on 23 August 2013 with Albert Productions. In the category of cult bands, Rose Tattoo has been at the top of the pile for years. The raw style of blues-rock that the Australians manage to create out of a hot mix of slide guitars, and pounding hooks with sharp and tight rhythm along the unmistakable voice of Angry Anderson is what gives fans a welcome feast. 18 classic tracks from Rose Tattoo including Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw, Bad Boy For Love and We Can’t Be Beaten to name a few.

Their second live compilation, Tatts: Live In Brunswick, was released on 03 February 2017 with Golden Robot Records. Is a 14-track album recorded at Melbourne’s Bombay Bicycle Club in Brunswick in 1982 and mastered for loyal fans in 2017. The album goes back thirty-five years ago when the Australian pub rock scene was at its peak live music was everywhere, and so was Rose Tattoo. They became one of Australia’s most revered rock bands of all time, known for their peerless, raw, heavy blues rock, hot mix of slide guitars, and the unmistakable voice of Angry Anderson. Tatts: Live in Brunswick, when rock was king and Rose Tattoo was at its most formidable, with all the might of what’s ahead in 2017.

Rose Tattoo’s upcoming Brisbane and Sydney performances with Guns N’ Roses on 07, 10 and 11 February 2017.

Their eighth album, Outlaws, was released on 06 March 2020 with Golden Robot. Records. Australia’s legendary bad boys of vintage hard rock storm the shores of the States with this superb revisitation of their debut album along with previously unreleased tracks from the same era! Founding member and vocalist Angry Anderson leads the assault with his powerhouse voice on such beloved tracks as Nice Boys, Rock N’ Roll Outlaw, Bad Boy For Love and many more! Rose Tattoo briefly flirted with US success when Guns N’ Roses covered Nice Boys on their GN’R Lies album! Angry and the boys will be touring the us for the first time, ever support of this release starting in May and more overseas dates are scheduled! Available on both CD and in a deluxe gatefold 2LP set in your choice of Silver or Red!

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