Jenny Morris
In The Beginning

Jennifer Patricia Morris was born on 29 September 1956 at Tokoroa, New Zealand. At the age of eleven, the family relocated and settle in the regional centre of Hamilton, New Zealand.

Jenny Morris cousin would her let borrow a record player and couple of records including The Beatles and Carole King. The Tapestry album influenced her, still thinks it’s a fantastic album. When she turned twelve her sister bought a guitar on Christmas and taught to play some guitar chords.

Her first professional engagement came at the age of fifteen, singing at Andersons Theatre Restaurant in Hamilton, New Zealand. Performing Carol King, James Taylor and a few of her songs, wearing blue embroidered kaftan.

How’s Your Father featured Jenny Morris (vocals, guitar), Stephen Stratford (guitarist), Co Tipping (lead guitarist), Peter White (bassist) and John Schilt (drummer) and were finalists in the “National Battle of the Bands”, the band disbanded in 1977.

In the late seventies, she happy teaching English, Art and Home Economics and joined all-female girl group called The Wide Mouthed Frogs formed in 1978 Wellington, New Zealand. Featuring Kate Brockie (lead vocals), Jenny Morris (vocals; ex-How’s Your Father), Andrea Gilkison (guitar), Bronwyn Murray (keyboards), Tina Matthews (bassist) and Sally Zwartz (drums).

The Wide Mouthed Frogs performed at Mount Victoria 1960s Dance Spectacular for the community fundraiser. Their were popular in Wellington and released “Someday” received airplay on radio stations and was featured on a compilation album Homegrown in the same year. 

Bruno Lawrence perform on various tours and was expressed with Jenny Morris from The Wide Mouthed Frogs. Peter Dasent guide them, their last performances was at Sweetwaters Festival, after this event the band disbanded.

Spats Become The Crocodiles

Fane Flaws and Arthur Baysting composed their first single “New Wave Goodbye” on independent label. American producer Kim Fowley was won over by Spats and encouraged singer Fane Flaws to change their band name, to concentrate on more original material. Their recruited singer Jenny Morris and bass player Tina Matthews, both from The Wide Mouthed Frogs. Renamed themselves as The Crocodiles.

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