In The Beginning

Jennifer Patricia Morris was born on 29 September 1956 at Tokoroa, New Zealand. At the age of eleven, the family relocated and settle in the regional centre of Hamilton, New Zealand. Her first professional engagement came at the age of fifteen, singing at Andersons Theatre Restaurant in Hamilton, New Zealand. Performing Carol King, James Taylor and a few of her songs, wearing blue embroidered kaftan.

Jenny Morris cousin lent her record player and couple of records including The Beatles and Carole King. She was influenced by The Tapestry album, still thinks its fantastic record. When she was twelve her sister bought a guitar on Christmas and learnt to play four or five chords. Starting writing protest poems about the Vietnam War and love songs too.

How’s Your Father featured Jenny Morris (vocals, guitar), Stephen Stratford (guitarist), Co Tipping (lead guitarist), Peter White (bassist) and John Schilt (drummer) and were finalists in the “National Battle of the Bands”, the band disbanded in 1977.

In the late seventies, she happy teaching English, Art and Home Economics and joined all-female girl group called The Wide Mouthed Frogs formed in 1978 Wellington, New Zealand. Featuring Kate Brockie (lead vocals), Jenny Morris (vocals; ex-How’s Your Father), Andrea Gilkison (guitar), Bronwyn Murray (keyboards), Tina Matthews (bassist) and Sally Zwartz (drums).

Their performed at The Mount Victoria 1960s Dance Spectacular with The Wide Mouthed Frogs for community fundraiser. They were popular in Wellington and released “Someday” received airplay on radio stations and was featured on compilation album Homegrown of the same year.

Bruno Lawrence would perform on various tours and was expressed with Jenny Morris from The Wide Mouthed Frogs. Peter Dasent guide the band and their last performance was at Sweetwaters Festival, after this event the band disbands.

Spats Become The Crocodiles

Fane Flaws and Arthur Baysting composed their first single “New Wave Goodbye” on independent label. American producer Kim Fowley was won over by Spats and encouraged singer Fane Flaws to change the band’s name, to concentrate on more original material. The band recruited singer Jenny Morris and bass player Tina Matthews, both from The Wide Mouthed Frogs. Their renamed themselves as The Crocodiles.

RCA Victor released their first album, Tears, in April 1980, reached #17 on the New Zealand album and singles charts. Featuring first single “Any Day Of The Week” and was followed by second single “Tears” and a remarked version of “New Wave Goodbye” by the Spats. Glyn Tucker Jnr produced and engineered the album. Won Best Group, Most Promising Group and Song of the Year “Tears” by Recording Industry Awards in New Zealand and received APRA Silver Scroll songwriting award for 1980.

RCA Victor released their second album, Looking At Ourselves, in November 1980. The album produced by Mike Chunn and The Crocodiles. It featured “Everywhere I Go”, QED would do a remarked version. The band departures were Fane Flaws and Bruno Lawrence, new drummer Ian Gilroy from The Swingers.

The Crocodiles performed “Call Me” at Sweetwaters Festival in 1981. Mike Chunn former member of Split Enz became the band manager and recruit new members were guitarist Rick Morris, bassist Jonathon Swartz and drummer Barton Price would later join The Models. The Crocodiles re-relocated themselves to Australia and disbanded in 1981. Jenny Morris established herself as a successful solo career.

QED To Solo

Mushroom released single, Puberty Blues, on 16 December 1981. The song was theme to the movie and appeared on Soundtrack and was composed by Tim Finn. Foxtel showed Puberty Blues original version. Chanel 10 turn movie into TV Series in 2012 to 2014. EMI released on 01 January 1982 single “Little By Little” a Dusty Springfield song.

XSF Records released compilation album, More Hits And Myths, in 1982. It Features Geoff Chunn (guitar, vocals, producer), Jenny Morris (backing vocals), Chris Bailey (bass) and Brent Eccles (drums) appeared on “Like Elvis” in 1982. Geoff Chunn composed the song. The album artwork by Wayne Robinson and was compiled by Mike Chunn.

Jenny Morris and Rex Goh (ex-Air Supply) formed QED. The band performed for Narara ’84 on 28 January 1984 at Central Coast of NSW. Featuring QED, Zarsoff Bros, The Johnys, Kids In The Kitchen, Hoodoo Gurus, Machinations, Sandii And The Sunsets, The Models, INXS, The Pretenders, Talking Heads and Mental As Anything.

Sydney first-ever Rock ‘n’ Roll Fair on 04 March 1984 at St Ives Showground that featuring The Johnnys, QED, Hoodoo Gurus, The Church, Sandi & The Sunsetz and Split Enz. QED, an upcoming Sydney band whose lead singer Jenny Morris possesses a riveting voice and great stage prescience. She held the audience in the palm of her hand but somehow failed to use them. QED’s music was more subdued than that of The Johnny’s but just as forgettable.

QED performed for Endeavour Rock Concert on 10 March 1984 at Cronulla 16,000 fans attended the show. Their performed “Everywhere I Go” in the studio of Countdown on 01 April 1984 and Jenny Morris was host.

EMI released their first self-titled debut album, Animal Magic, on 05 December 1984. The album is a curious concoction of melodic dance songs, intriguing rhythms and beautiful succinct lyrics. It was produced by the legendary partnership of Ricky Fataar and Mark Moffatt, who have recently worked on Richard Clapton album Solidarity. QED are no strangers to the charts their debut single “Everywhere I Go” became a huge hit around Australia, reaching the top twenty for several weeks. The band follow up “This One”, it didn’t equal the first single’s success, and it sold well enough to enhance the band already growing live support. Which brings us to “Solo And More” which, like its predecessors, is featured on the album. Nice cover the B-side “I’ll Get It Right” should be A side is even catchier. Although another dance song.

Backing vocals on albums like I Am Joe’s Music, The Pleasure Of Your Company and The Optimist. Session work with Dropbears and appeared on EP Proud.

Jenny Morris accepted an invitation from good friend Michael Hutchence to recorded “Jackson” as duet, a cover version by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood in 1967. INXS cassette Dekadance reached #2 on the Australian music chart. Features “Jackson” previously unreleased. The song was performed on Countdown Awards and was highlight in 1985.

Jenny Morris accepted an invitation from former flatmate and long-standing pal Michael Hutchence to sing with INXS. She and the band cut a rowdy version of the Lee Hazelwood / Nancy Sinatra break-up classic “Jackson” which was the highlight of the 1985 Countdown Awards and then set off on the Listen Like Thieves world tour for more than a year.

Backing vocals for INXS Listen Like Thieves Tour at Derwent Entertainment Centre in Tasmania on 28 August 1985 and grand world tour finale at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on 16th September 1985. It was Jenny Morris again who drew strong comments regarding the power of her voice. Andrew Farriss write “You’re Gonna Get Hurt” on American tour of Listen Like Thieves Tour in 1986.

“Each of the guys took control of a song on the Dekadance project and this was Michael’s choice” – Jenny Morris

The Rock Party had musicians from Australia and New Zealand, a fundraising charity to help drug abuse and released “Everything To Live For (The Real Mix)” 12’ inch single. Neil Finn, Tim Finn, Nick Seymour and Paul Hester wrote the song. Joe Wissert produced the song. Featuring on recording vocals, guitar Neil Finn and vocals, piano Tim Finn. Vocals Andrew Barnum, Continental Robert Susz, Danny De Costa, Deborah Conway, Greg Herbert, Jenny Morris, John Kennedy, Lissa Barnum, Mark Callaghan, Martin Plaza, Mary Azzopardi, Michael Barclay, Paul Kelly, Peter Blakely, Rick Swinn, Sean Kelly, Sherine Abeyrathe, Spencer P. Jones. Keyboards Eddie Rayner, Slide Guitar Reg Mombassa, Bass Nick Seymour, Drums Paul Hester, Percussion Geoff Stapleton and Robbie James.

WEA released first self-titled debut album, Body & Soul, on 04 April  1987, It sold over 70,000 copies in Australia (platinum status) reaching number 13 on the album charts in Australia and number 21 in New Zealand. It went platinum and sold over 70,000 copies in Australia. The album drew on material by writers like Tim and Neil Finn as well as including five songs by Jenny Morris. It debuted to lukewarm praise from music critics give her first certified smash, Andrew Farriss wrote “You’re Gonna Get Hurt” features on the recording Jon Farriss, Garry Gary Beers and Ian Moss.

One masterpiece by Neil Finn, and a lot of filler but it was buoyed throughout by her inspires voice. Amanda Vincent left the Eurogliders to work on Body & Soul and Shiver albums. Mark Moffat appears on eight tracks and Ricky Fataar plays drums on “Beating On The Same Drum” track eight. Feature members Phil Small (Cold Chisel), Ian Belton (QED), Tim Finn (Split Enz) and backing vocalists were Maggie McKinney, Mark Williams, Dave Dobbyn and Mark Punch.

Her delivery is clear, controlled and determined, qualities only hinted at by most of her peers. Credit must also be given to producer Mark Moffat for calling in the right players to complete this invigorating pop album. Body And Soul earned two consecutive ARIA awards for Best Female Performance in Video “You’re Gonna Get Hurt”. She distinguished herself at the ceremony by more than just her popular and gracious win.

“She’s not fussy but she knows what she wants” – Andrew Farriss

Juke Magazine Reader Poll 87 Jenny Morris was Best Female Performer and performed “Jackson” with INXS at Final Countdown Music and Video Awards. Performed “She Has To Be Loved” at Ausmusic 89. She rise to the top has been honoured by the Australian Rock Industry Awards, the Countdown Awards and the Rolling Stone reader’s poll, to name a few. Support act for Tears For Fears and Prince and Dave Dobbyn.

WEA released second album, Shiver, on 19 July 1989, reached #5 on Australian Album Charts and went double platinum. It showcases the artists love of Latin and Caribbean music, with several tracks tinged with these influences. The album has great diverse range of influences from a haunting gospel “Bag Lady” with clear and structured sound.

The songs “Save Me” was filmed in Nicaragua an experience she will never forget and “She Has To Be Loved” both songs have hard funk percussion and bass lines with pop hooks. Chris Bailey from the Saints appears on “Conscience” and Paul Kelly contributes two songs “Street Of Love” as additional vocals with acoustic country inflection.

The song “Self Deceiver” was co- written with Jenny Morris in ebullient calypso number and was filmed in Jamaica. The voice is better on Shiver because it locks into the sentiment of the song and evokes atmospheres befitting their intent. Meanwhile, her voice soared on the plaintive “Little Little”, which was written for her son Hugh, and rang with authenticity on “Land Of The Long White Cloud/Aotearoa”, written about her homeland, New Zealand.

To ensure that there was something for everyone, “Humanity” was the theme song to Barnardos and “Little Little” only took twenty-minute to write about her son Hugh. Shiver emphasis is always on clarity and often simplicity, and there’s incredible space given to Paul Kelly “Street Of Love” and future “Shiver” is little more than reworking of The Swing. Alan Wright engineered, Andrew Farriss produced and mixed first full scale, big-budget effort album.

On 23 August 2019, Shiver will be available on limited edition white vinyl – its first time pressed on LP since its initial release 30 years ago. Three decades on, Shiver stands up as an impressive blend of finely crafted songwriting, rhythmic production and powerful vocal performances. Andrew Farriss is happy the reissue of Shiver on both vinyl and digital streaming platforms provides a new opportunity for music fans to be acquainted (or reacquainted) with the album.

“Dedicated To Everyone Actively Evolved In Saving Our Earth” – Jenny Morris

Taps printing thins shot will prompt WEA Records to donate so the cause for which Jenny Morris and the Sydney Dance company came together to pose for this droll shot! The vision, as Street Talk intimated last week, was the last Café Dance Party, which featured you and a few other groovy people celebrating the close of the successful production, Café raising $10, 000 for the Sydney City Council instigated Breakthrough Program to help city homeless children.

Jenny Morris has been invited by Tears For Fears to join them on their two-month European tour, commencing in London Wembley Stadium. The last time Jenny toured Europe was as backing vocalist win INXS. With her double platinum album, Shiver was released over there in March, the tour going through Spain, Norway, France, Germany, Italy and Holland as well as of course Britain, should see Jenny pick up some healthy sales. She will play three shows in Sydney before preparing for the tour.

Jenny Morris was based in London for the past five months and finished her support for Tears For Fears European tour. Prince was so impressed after hearing her single “Saved Me” in a London club. He traced her down and offered her the supports and he asked her to fly to Rotterdam to open two shows for Diamonds And Pearls tour in 1992 in June at the 45,000 seater venue Feyenoord Stadium.

East-West released third album, Honeychild, on 14 October 1991, reached #5 on Australian Album Charts. The album is a collection of catchy, quirky dance numbers dedicated to Earth Shepherds and Freedom Fighters. With the help of several co- writers were Andrew Farriss, Paul Kelly, Dave Dobbyn, Don Miller- Robinson and her bother Tam Morris.

Eight of the twelve tracks were produced and mixed by Nick Launay while Jenny Morris co- produced the others tracks with Mark Forrester. Includes New York- based Jamaican Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, one of the greatest rhythm masters, she has crafted a focused, contemporary album that bounds across a board dynamic and emotional range with barely contained enthusiasm.

The songs swing from the purely pop “Mercy”, “Zero” and “Break In The Weather” to concerns about the environment and the homeless. “Tall Poppies is one that sums up her thoughts on fame, the elderly and drugs. There is also a remarked cover version of “Tempted” by Squeeze. Honeychild strikes a balance between genuine emotion and real characters on tracks like “Lost In Heaven” and “Crackerjack Man” are songs about joy and release.

The Benefit Concert For Steve Gilpin some of the biggest names in Australian rock coming together to morn their friend Steve Gilpin in the best way they know-how. In six hours there were 6,000 people crammed inside the Hordern Pavilion. It had an incredible line-up The Radiators, Shauna Jensen, Gangajang, James Reyne, Mental As Anything, Midnight Oil, Don Walker, Chris Bailey, The Angels, Angry Anderson, Kevin Borich, Sawanee, John Brewster, Gyan, Austen Tayshus, Marc Hunter, Mark Williams, Jenny Morris, Alex Smith, Matt Moffat, Jimmy Barnes, Dave Bobbyn, Buzz Bidstrup and the re-formed Mi-Sex.

Rhythm And Flow

Julian Lennon and Jenny Morris performed “Saltwater” at ARIA Awards on 06th March 1992 at World Congress Centre, Melbourne. Followed by The Concert For Life on 28 March 1992 at Centennial Park. Featuring NXS, Diesel, Kate Ceberano, Crowded House, Ratcat, Yothu Yndi, Def FX, Richard Clapton, Jon Stevens.

East-West released compilation, The Best of Jenny Morris – The Story So Far, 09 on November 1992, reached #12 on Australian Album Charts. It includes a respective collection of memorable recordings and remark version in fresh format. “Tear” is a remark of the original recording, which was a hit for The Crocodiles. The song “Get Some Humour” is about so people can realise its important to laugh. Andrew Farriss wrote “You’re Gonna Get Hurt” was the first in a long line of INXS collaborations, and is included in this compilation. Neil Finn penned “You I Know,” her cover of Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart”, and “Jackson” duet with Michael Hutchence from INXS – Dekadance on this release. Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare also appeared on “Break In The Weather”. Michael Hutchence compiled and produced the compilation CD.

Support act for Paul McCartney on 16 March 1993 at Sydney Entertainment Centre on 16th, 17th, 20th also two outdoor shows at Parramatta Stadium on 22 to 23 March.

rooArt released fourth album, Salvation Jane, on 14 September 1994. She co-wrote five songs on the album and was invited to attended songwriting retreat at legendary manager Miles Copelandcastle in the French town of Bordaeux to work with some prominent songwriters. Salvation Jane was produced by Jenny Morris, Steve Balbi, Justin Stanley from Electric Hippies, Andrew Farriss and Jeremy Allom of Massive Attack.

The opening track “Rhythm And Flow”, a track about the demise of indigenous people, it opens with didgeridoo and a choral effect on backing vocals courtesy of Maori singer Mark Williams. With other tracks like “Cry And Cry” it about the environment and “Angels” Australian homeless people. The song “Frida” acknowledges the inspiration of the artists Frida Kahlo and evokes a haunting, dramatic atmosphere “Digger” an archetypal ballad pays tribute to her dad’s childhood in New Zealand. Deeply felt in the song “Pain In Your Shadow” convictions on the Third World. Rick Nowels composed “In Too Deep” a pure melody and later remarked by Belinda Carlisle. Salvation Jane failed to match the success of previous and was her last effort.

Jenny Morris renewed her publishing contract and making her third consecutive agreement with MMA. Her latest release “What Do I Do Now” from the album. Mushroom Australia released Mantra Mix: A Tibet Benefit Album – Various Artists features “Rhythm And Flow” in 1996.

Jenny Morris is an active supporter of Greenpeace, the Drug Offensive and World Vision. She has been an outspoken advocate of musician’s rights, protesting outside Parliament House in Canberra for Copyright reform. Performed for Canberra Festival Medibank Private Finale Concert with backing band was Royal Military College Duntroon on the lawns of Old Parliament House in December in 1996.

Jenny Morris appears in Water Rats episode 215 Stolen Time on 19 May 1997. The Senior Detectives Frank Holloway and Rachael Goldstein first arrive at boat murder scene. A young woman believe to be stalked by an admirer called “Desperate Dave” is reported missing. Tayler falls overboard when he, Sykes and Tavita tries to outwit a couple of bag snatchers, at Darling Harbor. Hawker finds out about Helen and Tayler relationship.

The Senior Detectives arrive at Close Encounters and the poster says Marlene O’Brien sings the blues. Guest-starring are Anja Coleby as Linda “Coco” Jones, Rachel Blake as Carly Bridges, Alex Morcos as Ellery Mason, Arky Michael as Dave Fremont, Jenny Morris as Marlene O’Brien With Penelope Timmis, Carlo Berkley, Jarrah Knox, Stuart Tilse, Suzanne Marshall, Jo Ellicot, and Alexander Luppi.

The Good Vibration A Concert For Mac Hunter was held at Selinas, at Sydney’s Coogee Beach on 27 March 1998. Jenny Morris recorded live versions of “In Too Deep” and a Dragon song “Ozambezi” which appears on Good Vibration CD with various artists. Renee Geyer organised Like The Night Of The Hunter Concert at St Kilda Palais, Melbourne, six weeks before it was graced by the voice, his style and his irrepressible stage charisma. So many people came together to make one of the most memorable nights to have experienced. His music and his talent has touched millions of people and continues to do so. This is evident through the heartfelt performances of his friends and also through the messages of hope and the prayers of his fans.

“I want to thank everyone who has prayed for me and sent their support. God Bless you all” – Marc Hunter


New Idea released a compilation CD, Hope, on 26 October 1998. Australian and international female artists have contributed to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and research into the disease, which kills Australian woman each year. Featuring artists like The Corrs, Merril Bainbridge, The Pretenders, Annie Lennox, Wendy Mathews, Jenny Morris, Cyndi Lauper, Tina Arena, Shanley Del and actress Belinda Emmett recorded a dance tune. All have donated their voice to the project, which is an international section of female singers over the past decade.

Festival organiser for Storm Aid. Steve White announced the concert has attracted the cream of Australia’s entertainment industry with offers from some of biggest names in showbiz like rock legend Billy Thorpe had agreed to join the star-studded line up of performers, headed by Wendy Matthews, Marie Wilson, Richard Clapton, Jenny Morris, James Reyne The Whitlams, The Angels and Angry Anderson. Storm Aid organisers believe the NSW Government has offered free train transport offer will swell the crowd for the three-day concert well above the predicated 60, 000.

Portrait photographer Robert Rosen released a book called Siblings, published by Beagle Press in 1999. It has 124 pages and 54 black and white photographs. This book is a celebration of this photographer’s remarkable imagination, his inventiveness and his persistence and features one hundred and seventeen diverse and interesting people. Produced a series of portraits of well-known identities, such as Jenny Morris and brothers Tam and Rhys form cuddlesome trio pose and many more like and Hugo Weaving, naked with their siblings. The exhibition Siblings has toured widely throughout Australia and National Portrait Gallery, Canberra in 2003.

Receives Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Award, on 29 June 2001 for her services to the community to bringing joy into the lives of sick children. Appeared on SBS Mum’s The Word and sang “Little Little” it was issued as a CD single. The program was repeated in January 2007. They discuss motherhood and other issues around this subject.

The show Tapestry – The Songs of Carole King was performed live in concert by leading Australian singers. This is a unique opportunity to hear performed by Vika & Linda Bull, Jenny Morris, Jodi Phillis and Karma County Carole. It featured songs from Carole King’s legendary Tapestry album. Carole King is one of the most prolific and successful pop songwriters of all time.

Jenny Morris inducted INXS into ARIA Hall Of Fame, held at Capitol Theatre, Sydney, on 30 October 2001. The following month she showcased some of her new material, including and latest single “Home” in a special show at The Basement. Which was followed by performances at Woodford Festival and the Adelaide Fringe Festival? By the end of the month, The Crocodiles song “Tears” (Fane Flaws and Arthur Baysting) was number 26 on New Zealand Names Top 30 Songs.

Headline Morris a Major in Australia Day Musical Celebrations, held at Speers Point Park, on 26 January 2002. Featuring performances from Jenny Morris local funk act Chi, jazz band Makin’ Whoopee and alternative act Equinox. The single “Home” is her first in six years and is taken from her forthcoming album Hit and Myth, which is due in-store.

Headline Jenny Morris & Friends on 08 February 2002 at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. This concert will showcase her incredible career including special guests Diesel, Shanley and the highly acclaimed CODA.

Jan Williamson portrait of Jenny Morris entered Archibald exhibition on 28 May 2002 at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. She was voted the most popular after having been awarded Sydney’s People’s Choice Award.

Yep! Records released fifth album, Hit & Myth, on 23 September 2002, slice of funk folk fused melodies. Nick Wales arranged “Downtown” include strings section. “I Climb High” was written in 1998 the reaction to JFK Jnr death. Neil Finn wrote “Guiding Star” a ballad. “In The Water” a riff she had running around her head and come like burst water main.

“I had people playing on the album from different backgrounds” – Jenny Morris

The movie Finding Joy, released on 25 October 2002. Is a tasteful blend of folk and contemporary music. The human relationships with Raffi the blue healer cross are always a faithful companion to whoever needs him. Featured Raffi, Billie Dean (Joy Brown), Andrew Einspruch (Peter Wolfman), Janet Watson Kruse (Tessa), Rebecca Barratt (Sally), Todd Dwyer (Matt), Cameron McAuliffe (Nick), Angry Anderson (Kris Quaid) and Jenny Morris (Tracey).

Jenny Morris and Steve Balbi wrote “Home” launched at Channel 9 Today Show, on 31 October 2002.

Headline The Strangers In The Night Tour, held at Canberra Theatre, on 09 November 2002, Featuring Daryl Braithwaite, Jenny Morris and James Rayne.

Performed for Candlelight AIDS Memorial on 24 November 2002 at Green Park, Darlinghurst. Its a time for many of us to reflect on our experiences of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and to remember our friends and loved ones.

The Sydney Walk Against The War, held at Sydney Town Hall Square to Domain, on 30 November 2002. The rally is part of a national weekend of action against the war on Iraq and is planned across Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Brisbane and Lismore. A massive action is expected with high profile speakers John Pilger, and Sharan Burrow, and personalities from the arts community including actor John Howard and Jenny Morris.

On Australia Day becomes an Australian citizen and received the Order of Australia on 26 January 2003 at NSW.

Performed for Port Fairy’s 27 Annual Folk Festival, held on the Moyne River of Port Fairy, Vic, in March 2003. Featuring Archie Roach, John Williamson, Renee Geyer and the Waifs were among the popular performers. Archie Roach and Jenny Morris played in the venue’s largest marquee stage three.

Music Max had a special on INXS, which had some clips with Jenny Morris performing with the band. Attended the AGSC Screen Music Awards was held at The Hordern Pavilion at Fox Studios Australia. Appeared with her family on Don Burke’s Backyard.

A more political musical event was Australia s first Internet rock concert in 2004, held in front of the Parliament by artists including John Farnham, Wendy Matthews, Jenny Morris, Midnight Oil, Crowded House and INXS. Apart from its entertainment function, the concert s political aim was to demonstrate the lack of music copyright protection on the Internet.

EastWest released a compilation CD, Listen The Very Best Of, on 16 April 2004. A repackaged with new artwork and a bonus track added due to popular demand, this collection boasts such classic hits as “Body & Soul”, “She Has To Be Loved”, “Saved Me”, and “You’re Gonna Get Hurt” plus many more. Performed for The Mother of All Balls, a unique charity fundraising event to raise money.

There will a fantastic entertainment line-up led by the Jenny Morris trio and featuring popular group Martinez with ABC TVs Captain Feathersword and Kristina. Attended the APRA Awards in Sydney. Performed at Mardi Gras Fair Day in Sydney. Warner Music Vision issued DVD and CD Alive amazing live recording at The Basement, Sydney.

Headline Jenny Morris & Friends Benefit Concert featuring Mark Lizotte, Troy Cassar-Daley, Abby Dobson, Rob Hirst, Beccy Cole, James Blundell, Tim Freedman and Rick Wakeman (Yes) at The Basement. Performed Break In The Weather, Street of Love and She Has To Be Love at 10th Birthday of the Star City Casino.

Appeared on Spicks and Specks Episode 37 the topic was about Know Your Product, Malvern Stars on 45, Musician or Serial Killer, Cover Versions, and The Final Countdown. The teams were Alan Brough as team Captain, Jenny Morris and Murray Cook with the appose Myf Warhurst as team Captain, Simon Tedeschi and Hamish Blake.

“We have so many problems in our world … how did it come to be that there are so many with so little and so few written much???” – Jenny Morris

Liberation Music released sixth album, Clear Blue In Stormy Skies, on 24 June 2006. A fresh recording of “Everywhere I Go”, “Break In The Weather”, “She Has To Be Loved”, “Little Little” instrumental re-arrangement, “This Time” a tribute to friend Michael Hutchence.

Headline Sunshine 2 Rain Acoustic Tour featuring Dragon, The Choirboys, Jenny Morris and Michael Spiby from 13 July 2006 to 20 August 2006.

Attended Art of Music a fundraising event for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia at the Art Gallery of NSW. Appeared on 20 to 1 and reviewed World’s Best Love Songs. Attended International Day of People with a DisAbility at The Golden Stave Music Therapy Centre. Established and manages the “Art of Music” events these are fundraising events involving a dinner and art exhibition and include an auction of the artworks.

Song Summit Sydney is a conference for Australian singers, songwriters and music retailers to network. NSW Government will spend $500,000 over three years on an annual three-day conference called the Song Summit Sydney. The summit is aimed at nurturing the music industry, which Ms Morris said was worth $7 billion. Re-elected and was returned as Writer-Director for APRA / AMCOS on 20th November 2007.

Headline Glenn Shorrock and Friends, it will open the show with performances by Glenn Shorrock and with Brian Cadd inducted into ARIA Hall of Fame. Jenny Morris and her band will take the stage for the second set and John Swan will rock the house in the third set. Jade MacRae and Choirboys frontman, Mark Gable. Surprise performances are in store the stunning finale.

Performed with special guest Leo Sayer on 09 February 2008 at Brookhampton Estate in Western Australia. Attended the Song Summit Sydney S3 at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. Appeared on Spicks and Specks Episode 26 the topic was about Know Your Product, Bottom 100, Samplemania, Across the Ditch Bro, and The Final Countdown.

Headline Rockin’ The Black Dog, held at Newcastle, on 06 December 2008. To raise awareness about mental health issue for Hunter Institute of Mental Health. The Boat People and other acts will perform on stage to entertain and educate people about mental illness.

Australia Day Celebrations, held at Woodward Park, Liverpool on 26 January 2009. Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller invites family for free evening of entertainment featuring a superb line-up of live music, dance, children’s activities and a spectacular fireworks display. Featuring Jenny Morris, Joe Gatehau, VTribe, Latin Oz Dance Mania, GY Wiz Kidz, Humphrey and Spectacular fireworks display. Liverpool’s Australia Day Ambassador for 2009 is Father Chris Riley.

Jenny Morris performed her best hits from the ‘80s and entertained the Townsville based troops Lieutenant Sally Bates, Lieutenant Colonel Craig Dobson and Squadron Leader Mike Edwards. On RocKwiz performed “Break In Weather” and a duet with Don McGlashan “It’s Only Natural” released as CD single.

Attended Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week, eight high profile Australians duelled in wheelchairs raising awareness to spinal cord injuries. The participant who completed the tasks in the shortest time was declared the winner. Taking first place is high profile Australians like Grant Hackett, WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda, comedian Julia Morris and singer Jenny Morris who dedicated her win to her two sisters in law who both have disabilities.

Headline One of These Nights will feature Kevin Bennett (The Flood), Simon Meli (Ooh la), Steve Balbi (Noiseworks) Robyn Loau & Louise Anton plus a special guest appearance by Jenny Morris and introducing Kristal Collins. Perform The Eagles classic songs like “Hotel California”, “Desperado”, “Heartache Tonight”, “New Kid in Town”, “Life in The Fast Lane”, “Tequila Sunrise”, “Take It To The Limit” and many more.


On Australia day received Australian of the Year Award, held at the lawns of Parliament House Canberra, on 26 January 2010. Governor-General is pleased to announce Ms Jenny Patricia Morris of Medal (OAM) in the General Division. The Australians of the Year plaques can be found on the foreshores of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra designed by the National Capital Authority. The Australians of the Year Walk incorporated in the pathway are five metal strips set flush in the concrete, representing the five music stave lines to the score of Advance Australia Fair.

Performed for Wingham Akoostik Festival, held at Wingham Showgrounds, New South Wales, on 19 October 2013. Artists included Bill Chambers, Wendy Matthews, Afro Moses and Jenny Morris. Manning Valley festivals support local talent proving entertainment and employment opportunities for the building community inclusiveness and pride. Jenny Morris was elected Chair of the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) in 20 years.

Performed for Music For Mercy, held at Martin Place in Sydney, on 28 January 2015. A candlelight vigil for Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, the Australian drug smugglers on death row in Indonesia.

Australian Story on ABC TV Jenny Morris was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia, which causes spasms in the throat after she noticed her voice started to sound croaky a decade ago. She has a rare neurological condition that has affected her voice and essentially ended her career. Revealed the news she will not sing again due to her medical condition.

Jenny Morris was inducted into the NZ Music Hall of Fame at the APRA Silver Scroll Awards, Spark Arena in Auckland on 04 October 2018.



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