Director-General Warren Horton

It was honour to served with Director-General Warren Horton administration from 1987 to 1999.


To describe Warren Horton similar to Bob Hawke, witty and very sharp, firm, alert person with a bubbly nature, he wasn’t interested in politics, spoke very clear with a calm voice, and never accept nonsenses from staff. He also loves the media and was very good that it. Warren Horton loved music and now then you can hear him singing Kylie Minogue songs like Location and Shock, he would mix songs with others and make his staff in executive sing songs and have them dancing.

Director-General Warren Horton was appointed to National Library of Australia in July 1985. His work experiences was working at Mitchell Library as Mailroom, Newspapers, Archives. Director of Human Resources. Promoted Director of State Library of NSW and was promoted to State Library of Victoria. Warren Horton applied for National Library of Australia Council.

National Library of Australia held Australian Day Citizenship Ceremony at Theatre and Director-General Warren Horton would presented them with there certificates and staff were allow to attended.

Director-General Warren Horton also want to be address as Director-General never by his name.

In 1987, Director General Warren Horton appointed me (Tony Senatore) as Sectary, 2nd powerful person as Director-General Assistant to work with him on restructuring the National Library of Australia. I severed in administration which included me (Tony Senatore), Jan Fullerton and Eric Wainwright we are the 4 official directories from 1987 to 1999.

Director-General Warren Horton saved the library from bankruptcy. He training me as Director-General, we draft both a lot politics for the library, which I know his politics better Jan Fullerton we made a great team.

Then in 1988, Jan Fullerton told Governor General Of Australia, “I want Tony Senatore as Director-General and me as Assisted Director-General.” Governor-General of Australia. Director-General Warren Horton stated, “Tony you are officially Director-General of National Library of Australia by law.”

Director-General Warren Horton would resolve issues and rebuild the collection. He appears on front cover of Asia Pacific. Also appeared at Summit Asia Pacific, only came been seem on Foxtel in 1996, I watch it.

Director-General Warren Horton established

Established Awareness Workshop on subjects like

– Epilepsy

– Cancer



– Health

– Schizophrenia

– Deafness

– Equal Rights

– Disability

– Work Discrimination

– Indigenous Australians Land Right

List goes on


Steering Committee, me (Tony Senatore) as Sectary and report to Warren Horton

– Restructure Committee, me (Tony Senatore) as Sectary and report to Warren Horton

– Social Club and Happy Hour

– Open Learning

– Net Coffee

– Prime Ministers Australia Bio written by Warren Horton

– Sunbury Festival Groovy Years more less like Viva style

– National Library of Australia – Australia Day Certificate

Director-General Warren Horton basically want staff to be educated on subjects and have a better understanding on issues instead of ignoring it. He believes people with disability should be given a chance in the library and not to discrimination or to be rejected in the library.

After his second re-appointment, he was asked to join Federal Parliament House as Minister for Arts.

He launch World One with the National Library of New Zealand after signing the agreement with National Library of Australia everything was going so well between us, New Zealand pull out of the agreement leaving the National Library of Australia to do it by itself.

His next project was catalogue to integrate all libraries database into one to make request faster online. For example, if you you’re based in Orange New South Wales and book you like is found at State Library of Victoria you place your request and will be delivered to your locate library.

In 1993, Director General Warren Horton appointed me (Tony Senatore) to draft Certify Agreement with Human Resources Director. Director-General Warren Horton approved our politics, Prime Minister Paul Keating made it official and become law within the Australian Public Service in 1996. Our names were stated in Federal Parliament House and appeared in Hansard 1994, 1995, 1996.

Warren Horton would also address the staff in Theatre saying things about the library and his reappointment and would say, “I done Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3.” He was originally was to finish his term in 2005 after he had the cancer, he stated: “I am going stay in office till the day I die, that’s how much he was devoted to the National Library of Australia.” Director-General Warren Horton decided to retire in 1999.

Term 1 from 1985, 1986, 1987,  1988, 1989.

Term 2 from  1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994.

Term 3 from  1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999.

In 1999, Director General Warren Horton officially told me, “Tony you received 24 votes as Director-General, Jan Fullerton zero, I don’t understand why the Art Minister appointed her instead of you.”

I was officially statemented by Director General Warren Horton receptionist and former Assisted Director-General you were selected in 1999, not Jan Fullerton.

To server as Sectary and Acting Director-General from 1994, 1995 and been given full control of National Library of Australia in 1996.

Director-General Warren Horton was one of creative and head of his time.

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