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On 11th November 2020 The Government stated no part of this Bio can be twist or be reproduce in anyway protected by law.

Federal Ministers from Parliament House know about my life story, which is very accurate. Biographical covers about someone’s life. Personal Detail is a short brief detail that covers: shoe size, weight, height, chest size, colour eyes. Do I say it anywhere? No, you are an ignorant person. It’s a Biographical of my life.

My Life Story

I was born a healthy baby boy at St Margaret Hospital in Sydney, Australia. My parents bought their first house in Marrickville at Ivanhoe Street and grew up in Marrickville. I attended Earlwood Catholic School our nun would make the students knee to the floor, and she brutally mistreated the students. I was sexual abuse as a child up to the age of 8. My mother witnessed the nun give me the cane, and I had my first epilepsy seizure. My mother’s reply to the nun was: you, don’t give the cane to my son.

My godmother father would play the accordion, and I would later have music lessons. I grow up listening to Italian folk music like Domenico Modugno; Lucio Dalla; Adriano Celentano; Mina; Gianni Morandi; Santo California; Reitano; Fontana; Nini Rosso; Rita Pavone; Al Bano; Little Tony; Bobby Solo. Also, listen to rock and roll like Elvis Presley; Johnny O’Keefe; Col Joye; The Easybeats; The Delltones; Jimmy Little; The Atlantics; Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs; Ray Brown & The Whispers; The Twilightsl; Tamam Shud; Johnny Young. My mother took me to see Johnny O’Keefe perform at Roselands Shopping Centre.

My parents moved around Sydney like gypsies and relocated from Marrickville to Central Sydney. My parent’s house faced the Elizabeth Theatre. I could hear Led Zeppelin songs like Whole Lotta Love, Immigrant Song, Ramble On, Black Dog, Rock And Roll, Stairway To Heaven. Boy, there were loud like I had a free concert in our street. As a kid, I would hang out at Australian music exhibitions like the Powerhouse Museum (now known as UNSW Sydney), Mitchell Library and State Library of NSW.

My parents relocated from Central Sydney to Bexley and purchased a grocery shop. My uncle arrived in Australia, and he witnessed the abuse. He took me under his wings and trained me as an Administrator. Former Prime Ministers John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull would come to our grocery shop. I would watch Fred Astaire, Shirley Temple, Gene Kelly and Elvis Presley films. I taught myself how to dance. I watch the Australian Bandstand from 1970 to 1972.

I attended Kingsgrove Primary School. I remember Hush Australian Glam Rock Band arriving in two bubble bugs that looked like Polaris GEM Electric Vehicles. The band perform all their hit songs at our school hall. Transferred to Kingsgrove High School, my music teacher brought her acoustic guitar and showed us the chords to Mockingbird, playing the song by Johnny O’Keefe with Margaret McLaren. I taught myself how to dance and did my first smooth dance like moonwalk style on the school ground.

Our headmaster from Kingsgrove High School had a good sound knowledge of music and told us that one-day Advance Australia Fair would become the official anthem for Australia. We were not allowed the students to sing Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree, a Welsh folk song called Dyna Ti Yn Eistedd Y Deryn Du. Waltzing Matilda is a Scottish Folk Song called Thou Bonnie Wood of Craigielea. Every Friday, our headmaster had a course called Songs Of Origin and made us read books in our school library to find the song where it originally came from, and we had to submit essays based on the subject and read.

Al Grassby Sectary informed me: Tony, you are Young Australian Of The Year, and you have an Order of Australia medal. The interview was recorded on his cassette tape by Al Grassby Sectary in my headmaster’s office. I watched Rick Springfield Mission: Magic! from 1973 to 1974 when he spoke Australian. On 11th November 2020, the Government stated I am Young Australian of The Year. My name should be in Who’s Who in Australia.

Countdown (ABC) was launch, featured acts like AC/DC; Skyhooks; Sherbert; William Shakespeare; John Paul Young; Andy Gibb; John Farnham; The Angels; Rose Tattoo; Cold Chisel; Icehouse (Flowers); Doug Parkinson; Split Enz; Jon English; Men At Work; The Numbers; Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons. Countdown Awards final show Ian “Molly” Meldrum stated: whose, with me in establishing an official award show for Australian music in 1987. David Kent registered ARIA and published to Countdown Charts, Coca-Cola Top 50 Charts. Watch Sounds Unlimited (Channel 7), Flash (ABC).

The following year my parents came to Canberra for a holiday. Visit Federal Parliament House the Minister for Immigration Al Grassby escort me to Prime Minister Gough Whitlam office and informed him: this is Young Australian Of The Year. Prime Minister reply was: you should join Australian Young Labor Party and gave me liquorice. I was invited to my family friend house and saw Les Paul Gibson by his son, told me I could play on it, all I can say it was heavy on my lap and I got free guitar lessons.

Glenn A Barker house was two blocks from where I was based. I would walk by his house and hear OL’55 rehearsing songs from the album Take It Greasy before it was released. Chuck Berry arrive for his Australian tour with The Keystone Angels as the special guest and would later become The Angels. After watching the concert on television. Instrumental I design was Tea Chest Bass and followed by Cigar Guitar Box.

Age of 14, I had schoolwork experiences at Woolworths as a Packer promoted to Paymaster and Human Resources as Assistant Manager. My second job was working at a steel company in designing art statues, which I painted three in groovy design and are still standing in 48 years. My superior promote me to Accounts as a Bookkeeper and follow by Human Resources as Assistant Manager. My third job was working at Koomarri in designing furniture to assist disabled people and promoted to Assistant Manager.

My math teacher was a former member of The Dingoes, taught me how to write songs, which we both end up writing a song. Our school had Duntroon Royal Military College, was ask to join to study music. I bought my first acoustic guitar and put a design on the guitar. I switch from acoustic to electric guitar. I bought Chuck Berry album, The London Chuck Berry Sessions, I would play along with him.

In December 1978, I attended Elvis Costello & The Attractions at the Canberra Theatre Centre opening act was Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons perform songs like Beating Around The Bush, Honey Dripper, So Young was later recorded by Elvis Costello in 1980. The articles read like this: fans ripped up seats and their beer cans onto the stage when Elvis Costello refuses to give an encore.

In 1979, I made a booking for my first guitar lesson was taken to a rehearsal room, wait for a long time, plug in the guitar cable and turn the amplifier high. I was playing the guitar so loud. I have never seen anybody ran so fast in the room. Told me: hey, you are not Chuck Berry as yet. You will get there. First, you need to learn the guitar chords. I could hear Jump In My Car strumming over and over again. His final words were: you need to complete the course before joining the group.

Rick Brewster former girlfriend was my English teacher. She made me do creative writing and told me stories about The Angels. I began writing a bio on the band she corrects my work. I would later meet her again and talk about The Angels, asks me if I am interested in going to a concert with her.

In 1980, I saw The Church perform on Friday and Saturday live outside Impact Records at Civic in Canberra. Steve Kilbey sang Unguarded Moment in various versions, which I prefer the tight one with the guitar riffs with a catchy beat. The other ones were weak. He bends over and asks me: which version do you like of Unguarded Moment. My reply was: the last one. He told me: good, will make it as a demo, thank you.

I was selected to promote the Australian Films was shown in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia. The video was later shown at Australian cinemas like Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne with Skateaway music video by Dire Straits like we had a licence with them. In 1988, on Australian Bicentenary, the video would appear at the start and end.

In 1982, I entered a dance contest at the Italian Club and did my first robot dance and smooth dance. The funny thing was the winner couldn’t do it. I did the judges make a mistake and said: I should have won it.

From 1987 to 1989, I join Toastmasters International Public Speaking Club. Appoint as Meeting Sectary, Executive Sectary and, Management Sectary. I gave my Club President a lot of ideas for Toastmasters there were published in The Canberra Times. I serve as Sgt At Arms, I made meetings finish on time. Select to attend schools, teach young kids on debates, received a lot of warm comments.

In 1988, Ros Kelly MP attended the Toastmasters International Public Speaking Club meeting. I talk about Canberra what it needs to improve, asks me: can I adopted some of the ideas, my reply: yes and was followed by you stand out, I have never seen anybody like you, I think Bob Hawke would be express with you, I can make you a backbencher under Bob Hawke administration, I am looking at further Prime Minister of Australia. I won 4 awards as the best speaker and was rank 10 in clear speaker.

On Australian Bicentenary features me in the opening and closing. The video was at Australian cinemas. The Queen Elizabeth 2nd open Federal Parliament House, my father was one of the employees who work on the project. Governor-General of Australia acknowledged my father and received a letter for his contribution, invited to receive his medal in Order Of Australia. The video I did in 1980 appeared in an Australian movie.

I sang along to The Angels We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, returns to me and stated: boy, you have a strong voice, we need new lead vocals you be suitable for Stuff Wrist. The guitarists ask me to co-wrote the song for the band, which I did. I change the structure and words made it sound strong, like AC/DC song Heatseeker and The Angels song When The Time Comes. The band broke up the next day which I still have a copy of the composition I co-wrote.

In 1989, I was standing at Civic Car Park in Canberra, notice there were Marc Hunter and his brother Todd Hunter crossing the street. Marc reply was: do you know who I am? My reply was: yes, I do. Todd reply to Marc was: he’s not into Dragon music. Marc reply was: everybody knows a Dragon song, follow by what song do you heard by us? My reply was: easy April Sun In Cuba, This Time, Get That Jive, Are You Old Enough followed by I like Big City Talk, Marc reply was: not a Dragon song with a giggle. He sang Young Years and told me to join in the chorus line, so I did. His reply was: why are you not in a rock band? I was not sure what to say to his comment. He wore the same hat in the video of Young Years Hunter brothers final words were: we are from Dragon laughing. I found Marc a funny and witty person with a good nature and a good heart. You can tell he likes to joke and was a real gentleman.

From 16 April 1991 to September 1992, I enrolled in a music keyboard lesson. I began to play Merry Me Roll Along (from Looney Tunes), Light Row, Banks Of The Ohio, When The Saints Go Marching In. When I start playing Largo, she gave me another piece to play. My music teacher wants me to study music in composing for the soundtrack to movies that included a record deal if I complete the course. She was express how I played and told me: you can be a professional musician.

In 1998, Brent Eccles Management invited me to attend The Angels inductions into the ARIA Hall Of Fame. I help them with the bio was asked to do a speech on the band with Angry Anderson. Brent Eccles Management informs me I am at the same level as The Angels that’s official.

From 1998 to 2002, I would speak to RPM Management Services about Rose Tattoo and Angry Anderson. There supply me with a negative photo of the band, taken by Helene Rosanove. I received a book title Angry by Karen Dewey, a CD compilation of Nice Boys Don’t Rock ‘N’ Roll. I attended The Lounge Lizard Tour at Canberra Southern Cross, which was raw and loud featured The Angels, Angry Anderson and Ross Wilson. I was in the man toilet and could hear Doc Neeson singing Lonely With You, and he would later form Red Phoenix.

A big thank you goes to Billy Thorpe for supporting my website and made me a member of the Australian music committee. I would receive songs as mp3 before there were release in Australia. Then I received an email from Lobby Loyde that he like my website a lot, and he informs me about Mushroom 25 Anniversary, music books, offers me free guitar lessons. Both told me there want a website on my domain.

In 1999, I received an email from USA Impulse Records to appointed me as A&R Director. I need to come with a record label establish in Australia and sign artists to the company label in Australia and are given exclusive rights on the international market and released on the same date as Australia.

My friend began writing songs formed a group she put together. The lead vocalists for Christmas Party and the backing band were The Groove King performed in front of 600 people won second place. She knows guitarists Albert Calvo both study the course. I received an email from Village Roadshow to design an official site for Matt Finish.

In 2000, I received phone calls from Angry Anderson about my website he approved. Festival Records supply me with Diesel CD and articles. ARIA invited me to attend the awards show and interview Diesel and given exclusive rights. Carlton selected my website to promote Diesel live broadcast. I help guitarists join Ian Moss band, speak to Festival Records, Warner Australia, EMI, received emails I suggest Philip Morris for up photographers, Tony Mott from Australian Photography Association about Still Noise and CD copyright. I help Kids For Cancer wrote to the country management is now an annual event.

From 2001 to 2002, I enrolled in Graphic Arts at CIT Solution. I have two certificates and received an A for the drawing hotel. My art teacher told me to do a Diploma in Administration also redraw sketch as a painting to go on exhibition at Canberra Museum and Gallery.

Kylie Minogue arrived in Australia on 17 April 2001 for, On A Night Like This Tour, I was in Sydney on the same date as her. Could her rehearsing some songs my godmother wanted to give me a VIP backstage pass, which included a dinner date with Kylie Minogue. My godmother told me I know Michael Gudinski that also owns Frontier Touring. Before Robbie Williams arrived in Australia, my godmother gave me a free ride in the Limousine, the one for his ARIA Awards.

From July to August 2001, July I received a phone call from Angry Anderson, was originally going to be MC for Auction Night due to the Rose Tattoo tour in Germany, he was not attended. I arrive in Melbourne on 26 July I went to record shops, one had a big collection of Hunters & Collectors awards. Marty Fields replaced Angry Anderson it was a fun night we become good friends. I did a speech on Epilepsy on 24 August for Auction Night it went down well. A big thanks to the Federal Epilepsy Association for publishing a biography on my life. I meet a nice person who knows Area-7 members ask me to meet them in real life. I return home on 26 August and received emails from Federal Epilepsy Association.

On 24 August 2003, I enrolled with the Lizzie Wagner Academy workshop was an intense course. Have 4 Diploma are ANU approved. It covered Communication, Human Resources, OHS, Dealing with the Media, Dealing with people, Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Networking, Body Language, Etiquette, Self-Awareness, Social Skills, Relaxation.

Me playing Rock It Away on piano.

From 19 June 2004 to 25 May 2005, I learned to play the piano and play 30 songs. My piano teacher would give songs to play, arrived late for my lesson and played them in 25 minutes. She notices I was good, gave me 2 more a total of 10 songs. I learn to play The Pray same date as Anthony Calle released his single. My music teacher told me you could be a professional pianist.

I was in Adult Chat Room when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie arrive as ParisNicole and NicoleParis before finishing The Simple Life. Paris Hilton chatted with me and showed me a song called Stars Are Blind told me to change the words, added new lyrics to the chorus and ask me to be her backing vocals. She told me the ideas for the video told me: the model is me in the video. We began writing another song and record Do Ya Think I Am Sexy. One track on the album she dedicated to me. Paris Hilton gave me a full-size album cover before it was released and told me to watch Video Hits, which I did watch it. She would sign The Angels and Rose Tattoo guestbook. In 2017, when Paris Hilton arrived in Australia, she stated my name on Facebook live stream.

In June 2010, I received a phone call saying my website, The Aussie Bands Music Page, was stated in Federal Parliament House, now protected online for Australian musicians. There supply me with new copyright law in Australia for me to read and put on my website. You can not download a website or copy or paste text from sites without permission from the own.

I bought Cort AF580-SB acoustic guitar at Better Music play songs like: Most People I Know Think I’m Crazy, Father & Son, Moon Shadow, Nights In White Satin, The Bank Of Ohio, Are You Lonely Tonight, Wooden Heart, Two Of Us, Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End the list goes on from rock, country, folk. I am converting piano songs to guitar.

From 16 to 24 August 2013, Carnival Spirit boat cruise to visit New Caledonia. Adult Night Club I dance away and enjoy myself a lot. Caribbean Party, I was dancing next to Paul Eric Merciadez from Justice Crew, notice there was Solo Tohi, Lukas Bellesini doing hip hop dance to This Is Best Night, Boom Boom Paul was polite to me, he gave me free dance steps and a hi 5. I did about 30 actives I was so busy attending all found on the list. Carnival Spirit had no internet, could be seen live stream on their website direct link to your home internet. Same way as the coronavirus (COVID-19) live stream online.

From 10 July to 06 August 2014, I was on a plane from Sydney to Brisbane on 10 July and left Australia that day. Arrived at Mercure Centre Tour Eiffel (11 July); Paris Tour (12-13 July); Fiumicino, Italy (14 July); Queen Elizabeth II – Mediterranean Voyage (18 July); Livorno, Italy (19-20 July); Monte Carlo, Monaco (21 July); Toulon, France (22 July); Barcelona, Spain (23 July); Civitavecchia, Italy (24 July); Pearls Of The Adriatic Voyoyage (25 July); Corfu, Greece (26-27 July); Kotor, Montenegro (28 July); Dubrovnik, Croatia (29 July); Venice, Italy (30-31 July); Dubai, United Arab Emirates (04-05 Aug); Sydney, Australia on (06 August). Cunard Queen Elizabeth II. This blonde girl from EOS String Quartet grabs her cello as if she was a rock chick quartet told her to put yourself together reply was: I act silly when I see him. I like her a lot and sang her a tune the reaction by her was: never heard it. The pianist performed the song when she said: that song I know that song, I start to giggle. I never used the internet on the Cunard Queen Elizabeth II boat cruise. I was too busy enjoying myself at Night Clubs.

I bought Ibanez GIO RG150DX electric guitar that has a smooth easy to slide hand that is comfortable features three humbuckers with one single coil. Roland Micro Cube GX has a lot of sound effects it beat out. I am happy with what I bought. I switch to the Fender Mustang GT Guitar Amplifier comes with a lot of guitar feature.

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