I work at National Library Of Australia written 2,000 biography I was trained to wrote professional bios.

Malcolm Turnbull stated last year nobody can reprocess Australian websites, once it post on the site it copyright protect nor can you transit biography to USA sites. Australian author has the full power to can tale legal action for copyright infringement.

I came across Jenny Morris on site saying Australian Taxation Official took her to court in 2016

  • Jenny Morris thats private issue and must remain offline thats nobody business. Thats is Intrude on private that information has nothing to do with her music career. I wouldn't do that to her nor other musicians you need to show some respect for Jenny Morris.

    I attend Jenny Morris concerts in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002. I received email by her which I am going write my version something that will cover Chinese what there do to dogs thats very cruel.


    Let tell you something about myself and don't get me wrong. I work at National Library Of Australia for 28 years, I was the first music references officer and later appointed as Sectary to National Library of Australia in 1988 to 2008 and served for Director General Warren Horton. My name was stated in Parliament House in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 2010. On my 25 years my name was stated as next Director General for National Library of Australia in 2005.

    Director-General George Chandler, Harrison Brain and Warren Horton select me to be further Director-General. I did a course in Administration and I have the certificate and I got 3 AAAs in Human Resources courses. In computers l did 6 units of 10, which I got 98%, I enrol in computers again did 10 units of of 20 and got 98% again. Peter Garrett as Art Minister ask Director-General Jan Fullerton "whose next Director-General" her reply was "Tony Senatore" his reply was "everybody heard of him" and Director-General Jan Fullerton reply was "really thats a good thing, he loves music" as I stood in front of Peter Garrett his reply was "he be good for the arts" and Director-General Jan Fullerton reply was "he was born for this job".

    I was asked to join the Labor in 1988 to 1994, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2006 and in 2008 my life story was stated in front over 800 people.


    In 2008 this person send direct email to Director-General Jan Fullerton who knows I am big lover in music and dismiss childless comments about me, I did read the abuse email about me. There didn't know I was National Library Of Australia Sectary and Director, that email didn't hurt me it only show how some people can be so unintelligent. Like Jan Fullerton stated many times "nobody attacks our Director-General nobody, Tony Senatore is best and should of been Director-General of National Library Of Australia in 1999 not me."

    I was National Library Of Australia Sectary for 20 years, I broke Warren Horton 18 years and Jan Fullerton 10 years nobody will break my record. Ihave 4 Diplomas in Human Resources and Administration.

    In January 1988, on Australian Bicentenary I was opening and closing, the footage is saved at National Film & Sound Archive of Australia. On holiday trip in Europe from August to October 2014, I was told the footage appeared in Australian film.

    It was my idea to have an archive on Music, Authors, Actors, Politicians and list goes its remain in concrete for 26 years. Jenny Morris articles do stated Ricky Fataar produced QED album and did sessions on Body & Soul album, it clearly states on CD inside sleeve. Andrew Farriss did appear on Body & Soul recording and reaanged and mix Lightheartedstated on album information. I will updated the when I am ready. Like Midnight Oil song says Read About It.

    My name appears in AC/DC The Complete Guide book.

    Billy Thorpe made me member of Australian Music Committee which I remain member from 1998 to 2008.

    Jenny Morris once told me .... I seem your face.

    Before you say nobody knows me ... think before you speak ... there know me.