27 March 2016
Graham Bidstrup


Tomorrow morning I begin a week of travel with the wonderful Canadian band The Jerry Cans.....Uncle Jimmy Thumbs up! is hosting the band on a visit to the Aboriginal communities of Mutitjulu and Wadeye as they make their way up to Darwin for a gig at the Railway Club on April 2nd. I would urge my friends in Darwin to come along for a drink and to see this great band who ripped up Womad this year. I saw them at the NCIE last week and they are a lot of fun and their music is totally infectious.....hope to see you there !



Doc Neeson’s son fulfils deathbed promise to recoup $100,000 late singer was owed

July 15, 2015
Lisa Mayoh
The Daily Telegraph


A MUSIC promoter must repay former Angel’s frontman Doc Neeson’s estate more than $100,000, fulfilling a promise the late singer’s son made to him on his deathbed a year ago.


Mark Filby was ordered in the Downing Centre Magistrates Court yesterday to repay the money, a year after the singer’s death from brain cancer.


Neeson’s son Kieran said he’d promised his famous dad on his death bed that he would recoup the money.


“I got a bit teary — I’m just so relieved, and overwhelmed,” Kieran told The Daily Telegraph.


“I’ve had sleepless nights thinking about what was going to happen.”


The money owed was from a series of loans, facts acknowledged by the promoter in a signed statutory declaration from 2009.


Doc Neeson began the legal fight before he died and yesterday Kieran said he felt “absolute relief” at the result.


“It’s also a bit of closure for us — this has been going on every day and it hasn’t let me or my family deal with the grief of my dad’s passing,” he said.


“I’m the one who picked this fight but that was based on a promise that I made to dad — a promise that has now been fulfilled.”


Filby, who did not turn up to court, has 56 days to pay back $70,500 plus six year’s interest as well as the court costs of barrister John Bryson, who took on the high-profile case pro-bono.


Kieran said a “large whack’’ of money regained through the courts would be donated to a brain cancer charity to honour The Angels front man’s memory.


“I don’t care about the money too much, it wasn’t about that, it never was,” he said.


“It was about a promise to our dad.


“And it seems the stars have aligned — maybe with a bit of steering from upstairs.


“I hope ending this will give us some kind of closure and will allow us to move on a bit and get back to concentrating on all the good memories we had with Dad.”


Neeson was not the only one claiming Filby owed them money, one woman told A Current Affair she was owed $135,000.


Doc Neeson's Conman to Face Court

May 25, 2015
Ninemsn Staff



Mark Filby was a one-time friend of Doc Neeson.


He allegedly fleeced the former Angels frontman out of $100,000.


After A Current Affair helped Doc's partner Annie and son Kieran serve legal papers to Mr Filby, they're finally about to get their day in court.