John And Rick Brewster - Special Shows - How The Songs Came To Be - Q And A

Mr Damage Presents
January 18, 2018


John & Rick Brewster "The Book Tour" Round 2 How The Songs Came To Be - Audience Q & A Sessions "Learn More Than You Thought You Ever Knew About The Angels"

The Brewster Brothers are embarking on the second round of their Book Tour which includes featured question & answer sessions with the audience where Rick & John will offer hidden insight into the highs and lows of The Angels history as well as how their legendary songs and albums came to be.

Held at select venues in New South Wales & Victoria during March these shows will allow aficionados of The Angels to enjoy furthering their knowledge of an extremely influential part of Australian rock history.


Mr Damage Presents
29 June 2017



The Angels roared out of the 1970s with multi-platinum albums, hits and recordbreaking tours. The band was formed by the trio of Rick and John Brewster and Doc Neeson. Songs from their classic albums are as pertinent today as they were when they were released, thanks to John and Rick, the genius songwriting team, who, together with Doc, generated some of the greatest rock ever produced in this country.

During the 2000s the Brewsters and Doc fell out and legal battles ensued. Eventually they settled differences and reformed, but Doc was ill and died in 2014. The Angels have since risen phoenix-like, with Screaming Jets front-man Dave Gleeson on vocals.

With the Brewsters' twin-guitar attack in full flight and passion and ambitions reignited, they are once again at the top of the rock 'n' roll greasy pole. New albums, sell-out tours, rock festivals with thousands singing every song and roaring the infamous chant during the evergreen 'Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again'. Over the past two years they've regaled long-time associate Bob Yates with the inside story, warts and all. The result is the definitive book about one of Australia's most iconic rock bands.