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In The Beginning ........

The Brewster brothers John and Rick come from a musical family their father Arthur Brewster Jones was a conductor for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. In 1949 their grandfather, Hooper Brewster Jones, died tragically backstage at the Adelaide Town Hall after his son Arthur had conducted him in the Symphony Orchestra.

Bernard Patrick “Doc” Neeson was called on for National Service in 1968. Originally posted to the 3rd Battalion The Royal Australia Regiment, later transferred to Papua New Guinea Education Corps to become a teacher for the Pacific Island Regiment. He was promoted to Sergeant and later left the service to continue with his studies at Flinders University Drama Centre. He graduated in B.A. (Hons Drama) degree in drama and film production.

“I came to Flinders to study Drama in 1971, and was lucky enough to spend the next three years under the guidance of Professor Wal Cherry and his remarkable team. Amongst my peer group were Scott Hicks and Kerry Heysen, Gale Edwards, Martin Armiger and Bernard “Doc” Neeson.” – Noni Hazlehurst

Brett Eccles joined the Stewart and the Belmonts in New Zealand. Jonh Brewster was influences by folk music like The Band, Bob Dylan and The Beatles. Rick Brewster was studying classic piano like his grandfather Hooper Brewster Jones. The Brewster brothers John and Rick formed Moonshine Jug and String Band in November 1970. With their eclectic music rooted in a mix of 1920’s blues and jazz replete with washboard, washtub bass, banjo, harmonica and kazoos.

Doc Neeson an Irish immigrant joined the Moonshine Jug & String Band as “Doc Talbot” in January 1971. In the same month there attended “The Australian Festival Of Progressive Music” held at Myponga in South Australia. Featuring on the program were Uncle Jack, Storyville, Moonshine Jug String Band, Lipp Arthur, Coney Island Jug Band, Daddy Cool, Fraternity, Black Sabbath (UK), Spectrum, Chain, Lipp Caine Rock Orchestra and Fanny Adams.

By 1972 Bob Spencer joined Finch won 2SM/Pepsi Pop Poll, followed by Pepsi Battle of the Bands. John Woodruff become the band manager and established Sphere Organization. The following year Moonshine Jug and String Bandn issued a debut EP ‘Keep You On The Move’, peaked at number 5 on the local music chart in Adelaide in August 1973. The band follow up was a single ‘That’s All Right With Me’ in 1974. Moonshine Jug & String Band performed for “The Much More Ballroom” held at Cathedral Hall in Brunswick St, Fitzroy. 

Moonshine Jug & String Band start composing songs that wasn’t suitable for the band and decided to change music direction. The Brewster brothers John and Rick, Doc Neeson came up with new band name The Angels were formed in December 1974. The name was stated in South Australian pub, which Bon Scott replies to Doc, John, and Rick “The Angels is catchy name”.

Their adopting electric instruments Charlie King joined the band on drums. Doc Neeson added Keystone to avoid confusing with the band Red Angel Panic and become The Keystone Angels. On the pub circuit their performed cover version of 50s, 60s and some material the band composed and released first single “Keep On Dancing” with John Brewster on lead vocals. The Keystone Angels were added to Sunbury Music Festival ‘75 in Victoria. Backing band for Chuck Berry on his Australian tour.

Birth Of The Band ........

The Keystone Angels were support acts for AC/DC for “High Voltage Tour” that was held at Port Augusta at Mount Gambier in South Australia. Bon Scott, Malcolm Young recommended them to George Young, Harry Vanda and were signed to Albert Productions as The Angels. They recorded a demo of ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ in 1974 the song was issued on Rocka compilation album in 1975.

“We did a tour of South Australia with the Angels, I think they were the Keystone Angels at the time, and were doing 50’s rock ‘n’ roll covers and around about the same time Cold Chisel had just started, so there were bands emerging” – Angus Young

Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup was formerly a member of Fahrenheit 451. He was based in London as a session musician also for Johnny Wakelin & the Kinshasa Band. Return to Australia when punk rock bands exploded the music scene like Sex Pistols and The Clash. Albert Productions issued their first debut single ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ on 22nd March 1976. Charlie King departed the band and recruit Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup on drums in August 1976. The Angels made their debut TV appearances on Countdown.

Chris Bailey a former member of Tattered Soul, Red Angel Panic, Headband, Mount Lofty Rangers featuring Bon Scott on lead vocals in 1974. Their released ‘Round and Round’, later remixed and produced by Ted Yanni as ‘Round and Round and Round’ in 1996. He joined the band on bass in January 1977, to allow Doc Neeson to concentrate on vocals. The move to front man allowed the band to develop an energetic and theatrical live presence. Rick Brewster would remain motionless his head remained still to one side, for the entire performance. Performed at Bondi Lifesaver in Sydney with support act Gerry Joe Weise and Gary Conlon.

Albert Productions issued self-title album The Angels on 01st August 1977, that features 'Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again' and 'You're A Lady Now' singles. The band re-recorded the single tracks, followed a nationwide support tour to AC/DC and was an enormous seller in Australia. The re-issued and re-mastered from the original source tapes and features the award winning artwork in a digipak format along with an 8 page booklet and bonus rare and live recordings.

Albert Productions issued second album Face To Face on 12th August 1978, reached #16 in November and stayed on the Australian charts for 79 weeks. Features ‘Straight Jacket’, ‘Take A Long Line’, ‘Marseilles’ and ‘Comin’ Down’ Australian rock classics. Includes a live version of ‘Live It Up’ was recorded in April by 2JJ. La Trobe live version of ‘Straight Jacket’ is the same as international re-recorded version on Dark Room.

The re-issued has been re-mastered from the original source tapes in a digipak format along with an 8 page booklet and 5 bonus live recordings. Mark Opitz engineered, produced the album with John Brewster and Rick Brewster. Peter Ledger, who designed the cover, won Best Australian Album Cover Design Award and died in car accident on 18th November 1994.

Ram Readers Pool for Best Male Singer was Doc Neeson and Jon English, Best Album was Face To Face and Most Promising New Talent was The Angels. There were support act for David Bowie on “Low And Heroes World Tour” Australia and New Zealand.

Albert Productions issued EP The Tour on 07th November 1978, in coincide with their national tour as “Special Guests” to David Bowie. The lyric “who pays for paradise” appeared in the song ‘After the Rain’. It was backed by live versions of ‘Who Rings The Bell’ and ‘Comin’ Down’. Re-issue of Tour EP 2008, features a live version of ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ (Live At La Trobe), two tracks are from original release ‘Who Rigs The Bell’ (Live Version), ‘Comin’ Down’ (Live 78) and previously unreleased song ‘Open That Door’ plus exclusive bonus tracks.

The Angels performed at Royal Antler with INXS in early January 1979. Their performed at Manhattan Hotel in Vermont Melbourne with support acts The Boys Next Door and Fast Buck. Radio Station 2SM held a free concert, they performed in front of 60,000 at Victoria Park, Sydney and featuring Dragon, The Angels, Split Enz, Kevin Borich and Sports in February 1979. Doc Neeson climbing up and around the stage scaffolding by a flying beer can and damage to the park. Australian music industry voted The Angels Special Award for contributing to Countdown. The Angels embanked on national tour of “losing In” to promote their album.

Albert Productions issued album No Exit on 23rd June 1979, entered the Australian album chart at #8 upon its release and again at #15 in September. George Young contributed as a backing vocalist to ‘Out of The Blue’. No Exit kept the ball rolling with hits like ‘Shadow Boxer’ and ‘Mr Damage’. The reputation for the Angels had grown and this album showcases their power that the band had in their live shows. The release has been re-mastered from the original source tapes and features the award winning artwork in a digipak format along with an 8 page booklet and 6 bonus live recordings. This release has been re-mastered from the original source tapes and features the award wining artwork in a digipack format along with an 8 page booklet and 6 bonus live recordings. Produced by Mark Opitz, John Brewster and Rick Brewster.

“When we recorded Mr Damage we would hum orchestral parts to the song and thought it would be great to marry such a phonetic song with an orchestra. Bring it on!!” – John Brewster

The Angels performed at La Trobe University in Melbourne was filmed and recorded songs like ‘No Exit’, ‘Am I Ever Gonna See You Face Again’, ‘Waiting For The World’, ‘After Dark’, ‘Straightjacket’, ‘After The Rain’, ‘Out Of The Blue’, ‘Save Me’, ‘Dawn Is Breaking’, ‘Be With You’, ‘Shadow Boxer’, ‘Ivory Stairs’, ‘Can't Shake It’, ‘Marseilles’. Albert Productions issued a DVD and bonus CD This Is It Folks ... Over The Top The Angels infamous concert at La Trobe University on 13th September 1979.

Alberts Productions issued EP Out Of The Blue on 29th September 1979, features a re-recorded version of ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ that was added on USA album Face To Face and later appeared on Australian compilation The Angels’ Greatest, with two live version of ‘Mr Damage’ and ‘Save Me’ were recorded at 2SM Elizabeth Theatre.

Dirty Pool Artist Management organised a national tour with The Angels, Cold Chisel and Flowers on 23rd November 1979. There would perform live at Apollo Stadium in Adelaide, Festival Hall in Melbourne, Canberra Showgrounds, Marconi Club in Sydney and Motordrome in Newcastle.

On New Year Eve The Angels performed in front of 10,000 people on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. Through the concert a few people started trouble, throwing objects on stage, Chris Bailey was knocked unconscious and hospitalised, Doc Neeson received a few cuts to the head as he tried to help Chris Bailey.

The Band Goes Thru Line-up Changes .......

The Angels set their sights on the rest of the world. They signed an international record contract with CBS Records. They were advised to rename themselves as Angel City to avoid confusion with American band the Angel.

The Angels signed an international contract as The Angels with Epic distribute thought CBS Records. Their released Face to Face, a compilation of tracks from the Australian “Face To Face” and “No Exit” albums, on the Epic label in March 1980. The band was permitted to perform in America as The Angels in 1980. The band was advice to name to avoid confusion with a band “Angel” in the USA. Epic deleted the international cover, has been replaced by the Australian album as The Angels in 1998.

Rick Brewster stated, “The Angels were force to change their name” on MAX The Artist's Story: The Angels.

The Angels win Countdown Music Awards for Face To Face and Countdown Producers Award on 13th April 1980. Performed ‘Shadow Boxer’ live on Countdown and received Special Award by TV Week Countdown Awards on 19th April 1980. Performed as Angel City at Seattle in Washington on 5th May 1980.

Albert Productions issued compilation The Angels’ Greatest on 10th May 1980, reached #5 on Australian album chart. Featuring Australian and international singles, edited version of ‘Who Rings The Bell’ from EP The Tour and re-record version of ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ from EP ‘Out of The Blue’.

In 1980 The Angels were opening support act for Cheap Trick on American tour their equipments was stolen in Chicago. The band found they’d been relieved of thousand of dollars worth of equipment at the Detroit Holiday Inn. Cheap Trick Rick Neilson supplied them with brand new equipments like guitars and drums for the concert. Rick Brewster hangs around on stage in Detroit with Rick Neilson who joined the band for a jam. There would later found the equipments dumped at Lake Michigan.

Epic issued album Dark Room on 16th June 1980, proved to be a more sombre effort but nonetheless gave the band their first domestic number one single in 'No Secrets' composed by Doc Neeson and Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup. For the international release Epic changed the track listing deleting ‘Alexander’ and ‘I’m Scared’ and replacing them with re-recorded versions of ‘Ivory Stairs’ and ‘Straight Jacket’.

The Angels with support act Midnight Oil performed for “Nightmoves Concert Night By Run” at Melbourne Showgrounds on 19th June 1980. The song list were ‘I Ain’t The One’, ‘I’m Scared’, ‘Face The Day’, ‘Wasted Sleepless Nights’, ‘Dark Room’, ‘No Secrets’, ‘Shadow Boxer’, ‘Devil’s Gate’, ‘Poor Baby’ and ‘Comin’ Down’.

The Angels and Cheap Trick both bands performed on stage, there did a cover version of “Highway To Hell” in respect of Bon Scott at the Hippodrome, Paris on 8th November 1980. 

Poster title was “Angel City Dark Room Tour 1980 with The Kinks” in America. Ray Davies from The Kinks removed them as support act for being too good as there were about to perform at Madison Square Gardens in New York on 31st December 1980. 

Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup last recording was ‘Into The Heat’ and ‘Back On You’. Left The Angels and was in demand as a session player. First single was ‘Russia Rocks’ with The Takeaways in 1980. Drummer for The Party Boys album Live at Several 21st’s was producer and drummer for the Numbers album 39.51 and producer from Boys “Inside The Cage” and Nathan Cavaleri “Jammin' With The Cats”. Soundtracks Heat Wave, Sweet and Sour TV-series. The Angels were supports act for AC/DC for “Back In Black Australian Tour” with Swanee at Showgrounds in Sydney on 23rd February 1981. 

Brett Eccles New Zealander a former member of Space Waltz and Citizen Band replaced Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup on 26th March 1981. Performed for “3RRR FM Radio Concert” with special guest Sports and the Little Heroes at Festival Hall in Melbourne. They need raise $100, 000 or facing closure in July.

Epic issued EP Never So Live on 24th October 1981, quickly notched up sales of 80,000. The band recorded live versions, features Doc Neeson on lead vocals to ‘Fashion & Fame’ (The Comb & Cutter), ‘Talk About You’ (The Astra), ‘Angel’ (The Manly Vale) and Chris Bailey takes lead vocals on ‘Bad Dream’ (Sylvania Hotel) live performances at four hotels. The EP was released just prior to the band entering EMI Studio 301 to record the Night Attack Album. The EP was the first release that featured Brent Eccles on drums.

Epic issued album Night Attack on 30th November 1981, saw the band moving into much heavier musical territory. The album was release on international in 1982 with ‘Back On You’ record that Albert Studios Sydney. International cover has been deleted and replaced with the Australian bonus tracks as The Angels. Shock Records issued “The Complete Sessions 1980-1983” on Night Attack album included EP Never So Live tracks in June 2002.

American Jim Hilbun took Chris Bailey’s position in time for their next American tour. A first performance with the band was at Fresno California on 8th April 1982. Performed ‘Living On The Outside’ live in the studio of Countdown.

XSF Records issued compilation album More Hits And Myths has Chris Bailey (bass), Brent Eccles (drums), Jenny Morris (backing vocals), Sharon O’Neill (keyboards) and Geoff Chunn (guitar, vocals, producer) appeared on ‘Like Elvis’ in 1982. Geoff Chunn composed the song. The album artwork by Wayne Robinson and was compiled by Mike Chunn.

The Angels performed for “Narara Music Festival” on 29th January 1983. Doc Neeson come up with the idea to film this event, and was later released as Live At Narara with 11 tracks, unreleased video clips were not included on this release. Performed ‘Eat City’ at Countdown Music Awards with John Brewster on bass and Jim Hilbun on saxophone. 

Epic issued album Watch The Red on 02nd May 1983, was produced by The Angels and engineered by Andrew Scott and Al Wright. John Brewster takes lead vocals on ‘No Sleep In Hell’. Rick Brewster did a home recording of ‘Chaplain’s Drums’ was instrumental track and was later re-recorded as ‘Easy Prey’ with lyrics and appeared on the album. Jim Hilbun wrote ‘Stand Up’ was a top ten in October 1982.

ABC series Sweet and Sour soundtrack I and II was recorded in the studio mix down suite by Noel Cantrill, John Segal. Re-mixed at Studio 301 in EMI by Spencer Lee assisted by Noel Cantrill. Album produced by Martin Armiger and Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup on 2nd July 1984. Benefit for the drug rehabilitation centre Odyssey House, The Angels and Rose Tattoo at Hordern Pavilion in Sydney on 28th October 1984.

Mushroom issued album Two Minute Warning on 28th November 1984, was recorded in Los Angeles over a three month period and was produced by Englishman Ashley Howe. The album achieved gold status and includes the favourites ‘Small Price’, ‘Sticky Little Bitch’ and ‘Underground’. The international version includes a re-recorded version of ‘Be With You’ an edited version on the album. Issued with MCA and was later re-issued with Metal Blade Records on 9th January 1990.

The Angels performed for “Live Aid Oz Africa” at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on 12th July 1985. Featuring Men at Work, Australian Crawl, Do Re Mi, Electric Pandas, Rene Geyer, Machinations, Mondo Rock, Dragon, Mental as Anything, INXS, The Models, Party Girls, Goanna, Uncanny X-Men, and I’m Talking to help the starving of Africa. The four hour telethon concert was broadcast on Channel 7, Channel 9 and MTV America during the 12th and 13th July 1985.

Epic issued compilation The Angels’ Greatest Vol. II on 09th November 1985, contain tracks like ‘Live Lady Live’, ‘No Secrets’, ‘Into The Heat’, ‘Eat City’, ‘Stand Up’ and many more. Shock Records re-title as No Secrets on 25th May 1998. EP 4 Play Volume 6 was issued with a cover and second edition without a cover in October 1987.

John Brewster last concert was a double at the Meyer Music Bowel and Palace on 27th January 1986. He joined The Party Boys and formed the Bombers in February. Countdown Music Award for Best Live Act. Bob Spencer a former member of Finch and Skyhooks joins the band on guitar on 26th March 1986. The Angels played with Australian Volleyball Federation all girl team to raised money for scholarship at Canberra Institute of Sports. 

Mushroom issued album Howling on 29th October 1986, it reached the number 3 on Australian album charts. The band recorded a cover version ‘We Gotta Get Out Of This Place’ was a huge hit, the Animals original recorded the song in 1965. The album cover was design, photography by Jim Hilbun and Chrystene Carroll. Recorded at Rhinoceros Studios, Sydney and was mixed at Wessex Studios, London. Produced by Steve Brown, engineered by Andrew Scott and Al Wright.

Ian “Molly” Meldrum interviews Doc Neeson new album launch “Australian Made” tour. Juke Magazine Readers Poll 86 Australian Best Bassist was Jim Hilbun, Roger Faynes (Koo De Tah), Ron Francois (Eurogliders), Craig Bloxom (Spy V Spy) and James Gillard (Monodo Rock). Best Band was INXS, Hunters & Collors, The Angels, Midnight Oil and Died Petty. Best Live Act was The Angels, INXS, Hunters & Collectors, Midnight Oil and Dragon. Doc Neeson appeared in Rafferty’s Rules Christmas party for the cast and crew of the TV series.

Jimmy Barnes album Freight Train Heart features the opening track ‘Driving Wheels’ rhythm guitars Neal Schon and Rick Brewster. ‘Seven Days’ bass Chris Bailey and rhythm slide guitars Rick Brewster. ‘Last Frontier’ rhythm guitars are Neal Schon and Rick Brewster. ‘I Wanna Get Started With You’ rhythm guitars Neal Schon, Johnny Diesel and Rick Brewster. ‘I’m Still Your Side’ by backing vocals and bass Jim Hilbun. ‘Lessons In Love’ backing vocals has Jim Hilbun, rhythm guitars Neal Schon and Rick Brewster.

Mushroom issued doubt album Live Line on 30th December 1987, spanning ten years of their material and remains to this day as best seller of all time by The Angels. Unforgettable moment was at The Palais, when Doc Neeson kick the quad box and landed on Bob Spencer guitar neck and his wrist, he was taken to hospital and in his replacement was Jimmy Hocking. The tracks were recorded at The Sylvania Hotel, The Astra Hotel, The Manly Vale Hotel and The Comb & Cutter Hotel in August 1981 Bombay Rock, Melbourne and Narara in January 1983. Watch The Red Tour at The Hordern Pavilion in July 1983. The Howling Tour at Bankstown RSL March 1987. Digitally remastered Live Line album with 10 bonus tracks also contains the four bonus tracks from the original release, for a total of 14 extra cuts and a grand total of 34 tracks.

Juke Magazine Readers Poll 87 Australian Best Bassist was Jim Hilbun, Steve Morgan James Gillard (Mondo Rock), Steve Bablbi (Nosieworks), Ian Rilen (X). Best Live Act was Midnight Oil, Crowded House, Died Pretty, INXS and The Angels. Made the front cover of Juke Australian Rock Weekly. The band performed for The Live Line Concert Tour 1988 a sell out show and was not filmed.

Telegram USA label issued EP The Angels From Angel City, which contains some live tracks from Live Line album. Guns N’Roses recorded ‘Marseilles’ live at Irvine Canada, issued on a Bootleg album Ultra Rare Tracks III. Jim Hilbun departed the band and joins Richard Clapton, Angry Anderson, Screaming Jets, Divinyls and Diesel. James Morley (ex-Rookies and ex-Strawberry Blonde) replaced Jim Hilbun on bass.

Michael Gudinski announced Australian Tour for December of 1988. That will feature Guns N’Roses “Welcome To The Jungle” with Kings of The Sun and Guns N’Roses heroes The Angels had the support slots. One show will be held at Sydney Entertainment Centre on 17th December and demand strong enough in Melbourne for two dates on 14th and 15th of December. Guns N’Roses were formed after hearing The Angels song ‘Take A Long Line’ was birth of the band. Their performed ‘Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock 'n' Roll)’ cover song by Rose Tattoo.

The show was sold out at Whiskey Au Go Go in Los Angeles and audience were treated to a memorable encore, when Doc Neeson and Axl Rose from Guns N’Roses, joined Angry Anderson at the microphone for a spirited version of ‘Nice Boys Don't Play Rock ‘N’ Roll’. The Angels are currently recording studios in the USA and working with producer Terry Manning.

The Angels put in a sterling show at the “Earthquake Relief Concert” in Newcastle alongside Jimmy Barnes, Noiseworks, Midnight Oil, Crowded House, Split Enz, Johnny Diesel And The Injectors. Gold plaque (5 x 13 cm.) attached to outside of picture is inscribed “Presented to Newcastle City Council for your contribution to an historic gathering of Australian rock” on 18th February 1990.

“In late 1989, The Angels travelled to Memphis, Tennessee, to recorded a new album with producer Terry Manning (Led Zepplin, ZZ Top. Johnny Diesel & The Injectors). They recorded a wealth of songs, 11 of which became their 9th studio album ... capturing the power of The Angels like never before. The results is ...” – Australian Rolling Stone

Mushroom issued album Beyond Salvation on 07th June 1990, gave them their first number one posting in Australia spawning three hit singles in the process and easily attaining platinum status. ‘Dogs Are Talking’ band decided on using the B-side as a showcase for upcoming Australian talent. Bands included were Baby Animals, Desert Cats and The Hurricanes. Two of the new tracks ‘Let The Night Roll On’ and ‘Rhythm Rude Girl’ are included fully on the American version whilst are edits on the domestic release.

Liberation issued 3CD Set Beyond Salvation Deluxe Edition, 25th Anniversary version contains the original album. Second disc of B-sides, rarities and re-recorded from US version of the album. Three discs audio of ‘Beyond Salvation Live’, a gig from 1990 featuring live versions of songs from the album. All three discs has been restored and remastered by Terry Manning.

Mushroom issued album Red Back Fever on 02nd November 1991, the title comes from the study of female red back spider that eat its partner alive, and rock ‘n’ roll style. Issued in a limited edition embossed leather sleeve complete with a 24 page booklet of excerpts from Dr Randolph E.J. Echt's writings from his book. Bob Spencer, Rick Brewster and Brent Eccles have formed a formidable song writing team, turning out power rages like ‘Tear Me Apart’, ‘Some Of That Love’ a slow blues ‘Layin’ Awake In Bed’, ‘Hold On’ and ‘No More Words’ with Rick speaking guitar. The band performed for Red Back Fever Tour with special guest Judge Mercy plus The Chiorboys and Poor Boys.

The album was re-issued as 2CD Set Red Back Fever / Left Hand Drive on 10th August 1992 features an array of obscure and rare material. Left Hand Drive featured B-sides singles, previously released and unreleased versions as limited edition. The cover logo was design by Judd Shoppee. The Angels promoted the album for two years, including a multi-million dollar government campaign highlighting alcohol related violence. The song ‘Tear Me Apart’ was selected as the theme for Alcohol and Violence Tears You Apart Tour television advisement.

The Moonshine Jug & String Band reformed and MDS issued CD Rent Party in January 1992. Performed at Tracks, Coyotes, Old Manly Boathed, Shellarbour Workers Club, Shamrock and Thistle Hotel, Palais.

The Benefit Concert For Steve Gilpin some of the biggest names in Australian rock coming together to morn their friend Steve Gilpin in the best way they know how. In six hours there were 6,000 people crammed inside the Hordern Pavilion. It had an incredible line-up The Radiators, Shauna Jensen, Gangajang, James Reyne, Mental As Anything, Midnight Oil, Don Walker, Chris Bailey, The Angels, Angry Anderson, Kevin Borich, Sawanee, John Brewster, Gyan, Austen Tayshus, Marc Hunter, Mark Williams, Jenny Morris, Alex Smith, Matt Moffat, Jimmy Barnes, Dave Bobbyn, Buzz Bidstrup and the re-formed Mi-Sex.

The Angels performed for “The Wizard Of Oz” featuring ‘Tear Me Apart’ and ‘City Out Of Control’ also interviews by Doc Neeson and Bob Spencer. It was recorded and filmed live at The Palace, Los Angeles in 1992. The video had performances from Australian Rock Industry like The Black Sorrows, Beatfish, Deborah Conway, The Poor Boys and Kate Ceberano and exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews. 

Albert Production issued compilation Their Finest Hour and Then Some on 19th August 1992 all tracks have John Brewster inner notes. This release has been re-mastered from the original source tapes and features four bonus material ‘Open That Door’ (New Track), ‘Who Rings The Bell’ (Studio), ‘Whitest Lady’, ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ (Original Single) that was never released on a studio album. The package includes a new cover from original release by Albert Productions on 2nd August 2008.

Stravinskyi issued CD EP Shelved, saw the release to radio in America of the only product to be released there under the name The Angels. Limited to 1,000 copies, was made up of tracks from the “Howling” sessions declined by MCA on 30th October 1992. Scott & The Sweet recorded ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ in 1992.

TThe Angels Welcome Back ........

Bob Spencer last concert with The Angels was at the Gembrook Oval Danenong on 24th January 1993. Temple Gods were formed in Sydney 1993 featuring Bob Spencer from the band. John Brewster and Jim Hilbun returned to as James Morley and Bob Spencer were ousted in January 1993. Jim Hilbun (played guitar, saxophone, vocals, keyboards) on Diesel album The Lobbyist Acoustic & Live. There both composed ‘Rhythm Of Your Soul’. Featuring him playing piano to ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long’ on Diesel video Hepfidelity And More in 1993.

John Brewster once was a member of The Party Boys, Wayne Jury, Angry Anderson Band, The Lancaster Brewster Band and Double Trouble. Formed The Bombers and The Fallen Angels. Jim Hilbun performed and appeared with musicians like Bob Armstrong & The Navigators, Diesel, Divinyls and The Fallen Angels. There rejoined The Angels for their first New Zealand tour at the Towers Niteclub, Rotorua. The line-up were Doc Neeson, John Brewster, Rick Brewster, Jim Hilbun and Brent Eccles. 

Mushroom issued compilation Evidence on 03rd December 1994, a greatest hit collection with two new tracks were ‘Turn It On’ and ‘Don’t Need Mercy’, issued as singles. Pierre Baroni art direction, photograph, and album cover design. The band gave them acknowledgement to Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup, Chris Bailey, Bob Spencer and James Morley for their artful performances and creative input. 

Mushroom issued EP The Hard Evidence Tour, to celebrated the return of John Brewster and Jim Hilbun. The tour was a sell-out and the EP was sold out at the shows. Featuring tracks ‘Spinning My Wheels’, ‘Blue Light’, ‘Turn It On’ and ‘Don't Need Mercy’ were the four tracks. Produced by Paul Northfield and recorded in 1995. Follow by a national tour of “The Barbed Wire Ball” featuring The Screaming Jets and The Poor. The Angels performed for 3 Corner Jack Tour all shows included Presto and Cyberia support.

James Morley first solo album Freewheelin' was recorded in the Bahamas by producer Terry Manning. He wrote or co-wrote all the songs on album except for a cover version of ‘Gimme Good Lovin’. Features Perth musicians Jamie Page, Mal MacKintosh, Ashley Cook, Neville Dixon, Jackal and Paul McCarthy were on the recording. Great White live album Stage featured ‘Face The Day’ and ‘Can't Shake It’ on 30th January 1996.

The Angels supported act for “God Save The MMMs” tour will see The Poor, who have completed a tour in the USA with AC/DC, and Sydney band Gashammer. There performed at venues like Central Coast Leagues, Club Marconi, Revesby Workers, Selinas with special guest Grinspoon and Sands, Narabeen.

The Angels signed world wide deal they can release albums as THE ANGELS official statement from record company from Australia, USA, Canada, Europe to Shock Records Australian largest strongest independent record company on 30th September 1997.

Doc Neeson presented Conspiracy was one hour special on Channel 10. The Angels performed for “The Lounge Lizard Tour” with Angry Anderson and Ross Wilson. The show was two hour Raw, Powerful Acoustic Rock. Was not a “Farewell Tour” it when so well the band decided to stay on the road.

Doc Neeson last sitting for Sno Brewer can put the finishing touches to the canvas, making sure the light is right and doing a couple of small adjustments to the mouth. Sno Brewer enter portrait at the Art Gallery of NSW. He said ‘I haven't known Doc for long at all,” said Brewer, “except that I have been watching The Angels since the70s. He asked me the same thing, why did I want to paint him, and I said “because you are still around, Doc. He deserves more recognition than he gets.”

Shock Records issued album Skin And Bones on 02nd March 1998, a wonderful and mostly hard-hitting rock album from the band. Their debut CD single ‘Caught In The Night’, receives nationwide airplay and chart success. ‘Call That Living’ was limited press only and was sold at gigs. The artwork features photography from Jim Hilbun, which was shot in the remote North West of Australia. Vocals recorded at Denman Lodge and Darling Harbour Studios by Rick Brewster and he produced the album.

The Angels raised money the Hyland Road Youth Centre organised by Triple M performed at Blacktown RSL Club in April. Performed for “All Hell Broke Loose Tour” with Rose Tattoo and both bands released a special collectable CDs. Performed at MGM Grand Casino lawns with Rose Tattoo in July. Punk act The Melvins also covered ‘I Can't Shake It’ in September 1998, included with Gearhead Magazine #8.

Angry Anderson inducted the Angels into ARIA Hall Of Fame on 20th October 1998. Performed for “Concert of the Century” in Melbourne to celebrate Mushroom Records 25th anniversary on 14th November 1998. The Angels performed for Wollongong benefit for “Storm Aid Festival” at Stuart Park on 22nd November 1998. Festival organiser Steve White announced the concert has attracted the cream of Australia’s entertainment industry with offers from some of biggest names on showbiz.

Mushroom Records issued compilation The Angels Greatest Hits – Mushroom Years on 16th May 1999, 2 CD set to celebrate their induction into ARIA Hall of Fame. Doc Neeson performed for "Tour Of Duty Concert" held at the stadium in Dili for the Australian troops the INTERFET soldiers were not able to attended the concert. Australian troops. Doc Neeson organised it with performers John Farnham, The Living End, Gina Jeffreys, James Blundell, Kylie Minogue, Royal Military College Big Band and hosted by Roy Slaven and HG Nelson.

Studio 22 is a music program featuring one off live performances from some of the most talented artists from Australia and international. Hosted by Clinton Walker who wrote Bon Scott Highway To Hell and Stranded. The Angels performed ‘After The Rain’, ‘Take A Long Line’, ‘Face The Day’, ‘Be With You’ and ‘Marseilles’ on 26th December 1999.

The Angels performed their last ever concert at the “MGM Grand Darwin Millennium Concert New Years’ Eve” on 31st December 1999. By 2000 it was revealed that Doc Neeson was seriously ill, having suffered a major car accident that left him with neck and spinal injuries, and The Angels schedule was put on hold. John Brewster took over as lead vocalist for The Angels.

Grinspoon recorded ‘Take A Long Line’ for the movie Sample People Soundtrack. Doc Neeson was awarded the National Service Medal and the Australian Defence Medal in October.

Doc Neeson performed for “Tour of Duty Encore” held at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra on 3rd February 2001. The Angels reformed as Members of The Angels for Ted Mulry Benefit Concerts on 9th March 2001 with the Brewster brothers John, Rick, Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup, Chris Bailey and Jim Hilbun on lead vocals.

Doc Neeson preformed for “Blue Mountains Bushfire Benefit Concert” at Glenbrook Park. The Angels preformed for Victims Of The Bali Tragedy with John on lead vocals in January 2002. Jim Hilbun from The Angels appeared in movie “Garage Days” as Chief Roadie and did the artwork, photography and design Rose Tattoo Pain album cover which includes posters and merchandise for Rose Tattoo.

Shock Records issued 4CD Box Set The Complete Sessions 1980-1983 on 06th June 2002, comes with bonus tracks, rare B-sides, demos, live tracks and previously unreleased material on this release. Featuring re-masters of Dark Room, ‘No Secrets’ is alternative mix of the original full-length version was recorded as 14 seconds longer then the officially version on which the intro was halved. Night Attack, ‘Back On You’ is alternative mix of the original full-length version was recorded as 20 seconds longer then the officially released version on which a repeated chorus was removed near the end of the song. Watch The Red, ‘Is That You’ has a twenty-seven second guitar intro lopped off. The Blow edits to remove gaps in source tape.

The Canberra bushfires come in affect on the 18th of January 2003, it was report that began on 8th January due to lightning in rural and forested areas. There organised “Concert for the Canberra Fire Relief Fund” on 16th February 2003. Featuring Ian Moss, The Brewster Brothers, King Bros, Darren Jack Band, Ray Beadle & The Vipers, The Bellhops, Smokin' George, The Blues Cowgirls (ACT), Kerry Sweeney & The Upstagers, Midnight Ramblers, Corrydors, Lemon Squeezin' Daddies, Adam Pringle, Dave Hooper & The Hombres, Fresh Evidence, Finn, Van Veen Trio (ACT), Ghost Road (Pt Macquarie), Jenny Marie Lang, Leffler & Gahagan, Sidewalk Shuffle, Taildraggers, Dave Tice & Mark Evans, Terry Neimeier & Angie Currington, The Business (ACT), The Groove Kings (ACT), The Raging Dukes, The Seventh Sons (ACT) and Rynsardt.

The Brewster Brothers issued EP Any Day Live by Blue Tongue Records, a four track limited edition. Featuring Jim Conway (harmonica) and Paul Robert Burton (stand up bass and percussion) recorded live Balmain Unity Hall Hote, Sydney 2003.

It showed the Brothers in a state of transition, with covers from Dylan and Ry Cooder, plus two very strong originals that gave an indication of their new direction. Brent Eccles attended Famous for Sixteen Minutes in New Zealand.

Doc Neeson’s Angels featuring Jim Hilbun (ex-The Angels), Peter Clarke (The Ranch), David Lowy (Rockets) two former members of Dragon Allan Mansfield and Peter Northcote in December 2003. The success of this reunion and the strength of John’s vocals encouraged the band to embrace both their music and heritage and continue as a four piece, playing the songs in which John, Rick, Chris and Graham.

Los Angeles Hard Rockers L.A. Guns cut a rendition of ‘Marseilles’ from their album Rip The Covers Off issued with Shrapnel Records on 27th April 2004.

Reg Reagan first single ‘Am I Ever Going To See The Biff Again’ on 26th June 2004 version of The Angels ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’. The Knucklemen featuring John Brewster from The Angels, Kevin Borich on guitars, Paul DeMarco from Rose Tattoo on drums and Paul Christie from Mondo Rock and The Party Boys fame on bass. Brett Eccles attended Music Managers’ Forum August Seminars from 2 to 5 August in New Zealand.

Doc Neeson formed Red Phoenix their first self-titled debut album Red Phoenix on 07th November 2005, recorded at Compass Point Studios. It contains 16 tracks and their singles ‘Lonely With You’ and Scottish actor Sean Connery on ‘Wavelength’ provides voice a quote from Winston Churchill “Never give up” speech. Featuring Doc Neeson on vocals, David Lowy and Peter Northcote on guitars, Jim Hilbun on bass, and Fab Omodei on drums.

Area-7 recorded ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ from their album Torn Apart in 2005.

The Angels performed for “Pete Wells Rock ’n’ Roll Outlaw Benefit Show” was held at the Enmore Theatre on 7th September 2005. Featuring Rose Tattoo, Billy Thorpe (MD), Diesel, Jon Stevens with Noiseworks, Tim Gaze (Tamam Shud / Ariel), Dave Tice (Buffalo), Chris Turner (Buffalo), Tim Rogers, Killing Heidi, Ian Moss, The Radiators and Sarah McLeod with more announcements to be made.

The Brewster Brothers issued first self-titled debut album Shadows Fall on 05th August 2006 with MGM Distribution. Is a stunning self produced and grows. John and Rick (of The Angels) have delivered a work that by years end should be on any self-respecting Australian top 10 “album of the year” list. Defining work by genuine blue bloods of the Australian music industry. – Review by Ross Stapleton.

Australian Post issued Rock Posters The Stamps, poster advertising a LaTrobe University Union night in 1979 shows Angels singer Doc Neeson from the back with Sports, Paul Kelly on 12th September 2006. Leanne Kingwell recorded ‘Be With You’ was released on 13th November 2006.

Dust Rhinos are a Canadian Traditional Irish and Celtic Folk Rock. The band recorded two Australian cover songs ‘Knockbacks In Halifax’ by Weddings, Parties, Anything and ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face’ by The Angels. Both songs have a feel of Celtic Folk Rock. The songs appear on album The Second Set.

Doc Neeson preformed for “The Countdown Spectacular 2” concert tour will be featuring international artists like Rick Springfield, Martha Davis (The Motels), Doug Fieger (The Knack), Katrina Leskanich (Katrina & The Waves), Plastic Bertrand, Les McKeown (The Bay City Rollers), Richard Gower of Racey, David Paton (Pilot), Robin Scott (known as ‘M’), Samantha Fox and Graham Bonnet. Australian Countdown favourites BSG (founding members of Little River Band), Richard Clapton, Kate Ceberano, Supernaut (reforming especially), The Radiators, Sharon O'Neill, John Schumann (Redgum), Dave Mason (The Reels), Ignatius Jones (Jimmy & The Boys), Paul Gray (Wa Wa Nee) and Doc Neeson’s Angels.

Liberation issued compilation Wasted Sleepless Night - Definitive Greatest Hits on 02nd June 2007. Featuring 20 classic songs from one of the hardest working bands in Australian music history. DVD is a collection, featuring 39 of the band's classic clips all on one. The DVD includes never before released footage of The Angels at The Melbourne Music Show in 1988, and a number of tracks recorded live for ABC’s Studio 22 in 1999.

Liberation issued Live at Narara / Beyond Salvation Live, two DVD as special edition on 27th August 2007. Disc One is Live at Narara was Australia's highest selling music video release for many years, and the DVD release is sure to be a hit. Their legendary concert from Narara on Australia Day in 1983 has never been on DVD. Disc Two is Beyond Salvation Live, recorded live on the band’s Beyond Salvation Tour in 1990. DVD set features the band in full flight performing all their biggest hits, and features 5.1 sound and a newly recorded audio commentary by Doc Neeson.

The Brewster Brothers issued album In Concert At Port Fairy Folk on 08th September 2007 with MGM Distribution. Rick and John have been busy touring Australia and recently performed with Jim Conway (harmonicas) and Paul Robert Burton (stand-up bass and cajon) at the Port Fairy Folk Festival. Recorded by ABC Music Deli Recording a very special performance in which they were joined by Anne Kirkpatrick and Eleanor McEvoy (violin) for standout spontaneous renditions of several of their songs.

Doc Neeson performed part of the “Tour de Force” of Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait, supporting the Australian Troops. Major General Mark Evans, the Commander of Australian forces in the Middle East, presents Doc Neeson with two medals recognising his previous service in the Australian Army on 30th October 2007.

The Angels Reunite ........

The Angels decided to reform the original line-up of Doc Neeson, John Brewster, Rick Brewster, Chris Bailey and Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup on 18th April 2008. Chris Bailey was a member of The Stetsons, Jimmy Barnes Band, Duffhead, Dave Steel Band.

Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup recording included Mondo Rock ‘Chemistry’, Australian Crawl ‘Reckless”, Richard Clapton ‘Solidarity’, Cold Chisel ‘20th Century’, Jimmy Barnes ‘No Second Prize’. Produced and engineered many tracks for young bands including The Hoodoo Gurus, INXS, The Riptides and The Numbers. Co-founded of The Party Boys in 1982. Soundtracks he produced Heat Wave, Star Struck, Greetings from Wollongong, Sweet and Sour TV-series and River Murray TV documentary.

The Angels performed for “Golden Stave Foundation 30th Anniversary Charity Lunchon” was held at Hordern Pavilion in Sydney on 27th June 2008 and the band raised $700,000 on the day for the children's charities at Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. The Angels performed 'Take A Long Line' on The Footy Show on 19th June 2008 and after the performances, Paul Vautin interview Doc Neeson official cleared false statement by the media that was gossip and presented him with The Angels reunion plaque.

The Songwriters Hall of Fame inducted John Brewster, Doc Neeson and Rick Brewster on 09th September 2008. In recognition of their song writing contribution to Australian music “You spend years driving down the highways swapping lyrics, coming up with chords, riffs and melodies in rented houses and hotel rooms and then you realise that some of your songs have left a positive imprint on people's lives,” said John Brewster.

SBS screen a documentary “No Way, Get F*#ked F*#k Off!” as the reunited band prepare to embark on their “Night Attack Tour” on 11th October 2008. Released on DVD that features band rehearsals, band meetings, backstage, dressing rooms, as the five original members of The Angels on 03rd November 2008.

The Angels performed for “A Day On The Green Concert” at Rochford Winery Yarra Valley. Features Hoodoo Gurus, Mark Seymour, Richard Clapton. John Brewster has undergone a quintuple heart bypass surgery at Queensland Hospital. 

The Brewster Brothers issued album Wounded Healer on 16th January 2009 with MGM Distribution. Re-worked re-arranged and re-recorded favourite tunes from the back catalogue as well as some new songs. Their have seven new tracks and most popular live tunes and four previously unreleased tracks including a great rendition of an old Angels’ classic “Face The Day”. 

Australian rock legends will take the stage for “Australian Monsters Of Rock” on Anzac Day at Enmore Theatre in Sydney on 25th April 2009. The first band to take the stage was The Screaming Jets after an extended hiatus between albums. The raw style of Rose Tattoo blues rock manage to create the slide guitars, pounding hooks with sharp and tight rhythm along with the unmistakeable voice of the front man Angry Anderson. Anyone with familiar with The Angels music and their history knows they are not only one of Australia’s greatest ever bands but one of its longest surviving.

The Angels give us just a taste of what to expect with this brand new recording of ‘Take A Long Line’. This orchestral featuring the Adelaide Art Orchestra was picked up by Triple M radio station last week and the response has simply been phenomena. Rob Pippan, one of Adelaide’s most respected musicians will be the event musical director. He was the co producer and musical director behind the ASO's sell out concerts of “ASO Plays Pink Floyd” in 2006, “ASO Plays Queen” in 2007 and co-producer of 2005’s “Zeppelin Flies Again”.

The Angels announce Symphony With The Angels performing their greatest hits in a prestigious venue in an expanded rock and orchestral format, with full concert sound and the biggest lineup ever assembled to back the group. Performs their classic hits with the Adelaide Art Orchestra in an Australian first. The biggest project ever undertaken by this iconic band and will be held at Festival Theatre in Adelaide on 17th April 2010. The Lord Mayor of Adelaide honoured the Angels in a fashion not seen since The Beatles had their turn.

The Angels New Look ........

The Brewster brothers John and Rick drop Doc Neeson, Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup. Dave Gleeson from Screaming Jets was invited on stage to sing some Angels songs in Adelaide. Rick Brewster, John Brewster and Chris Bailey selected Dave Gleeson. Adding drummer Nick Norton both join The Angels in 2011.

The Brewster Brothers issued album Brewster Brothers Play Bob Dylan on 04th May 2012 with MGM Distribution. John Brewster was influences by The Band, The Beatles and Bob Dylan. John and Rick capture the essence of Dylan and yet still manage to inject their own personal touches to each of the songs. John has the craft in melody structure to lyrics. John Brewster sings these songs will leave you astounded.

Rick Brewster in Australian Guitar Magazine's Definitive Top Ten Australian Guitarists of All Time was rated fifth as guitarist on 15th May 2012. Shaun Prescott from the magazine “Guitarist Australia” has presented in their August issue a five page cover article featuring Angels lead guitarist Rick Brewster. Titled “Make The Melody Sing”, the story covers a broad array of Rick's views on everything from his life in the band, the equipment he uses and the new album sessions, right through to The Angels definitive role in the Aussie Pub Rock scene. It’s a great read, especially if you’re a musician, and you can find out more about it at your local newsstand!

Liberation issued album Take It To The Streets on 31st August 2012, features new lead vocalists Dave Gleeson. Recorded at Albert Studios, Sydney. There first single 'Waiting For The Sun' was released from the bands new album. MMM radio stations around the country have already chosen to add the single to their play lists well before ‘Take It To The Streets’ album hit the shelves. Remakes version of ‘Small Price’, ‘When The Time Come’, ‘No Sleep In Hell’. The Brewster Brothers song ‘Wounded Healer’ and Elvis Costello song ‘Pump It Up’ a guitar drenched version. It was re-issued as 2CD Set with live versions on 6tht February 2013.

Rick Brewster and Ross Wilson are very proud that Joe Cocker has record their song ‘I Come In Peace’ on his brand new album Fire It Up on 06th November 2012. Here in Australia we've known for decades that Rick and Ross are in this top echelon of musical talent but now the rest of the world will get to find out just one more of our secrets. 

The Angels 100% Tour brings together five former and present members of The Angels. Featuring frontman Doc Neeson, bass player Jim Hilbun, drums Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup, both on guitar Bob Spencer and James Morley. These members have not performed together for long time and rehearsals gave them goose bumps. The Angels 100% support act was Brisbane's Diva Demolition. Doc Neeson was hospitalized with an aggressive brain tumour over the Christmas and New Year period.

David Hasselhoff recorded ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’, at Lizotte’s Newcastle in Australia in the courtyard of Lambton nightclub on 19th February 2013. On the recording features Choirboys front man Mark Gable, The Angels drummer Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup, Baby Animals guitarist Dave Leslie and Ty Penshorn of Newcastle band Little Hornet. The single was released in March goes to Doc Neeson Trust & Support Act donation. David Hasselhoff returns to Australia in April for personal appearances for Rock For Doc concert.

John Brewster son Sam Brewster joined Australian hard rock band The Angels on bass and vocals in 2012. He also performs regularly with The Brewster Brothers. Completed degrees in Advanced Diploma of Music and Bachelor of Music. Guitar Tutor at Ravenswood School for Girls, Sydney in 2011 to 2012. Performed on National tour as A Day On The Green, Adelaide Clipsal 500, Red Hot Summer Tour and Sweden Rock Festival. The Brothers, Angels & Demons features next generation of the Brewsters Rick, John, Tom, Sam and Harry.

The Angels official announced “A Benefit Concert for Adelaide Salutes Chris Bailey” was held at Thebarton Theatre on 17th April 2013. Featuring The Angels, Jimmy Barnes, Diesel, The Brewster Brothers, Gangajang, Ian Moss, James Reyne, Phil Small, Swanee, Don Walker and Wilbur Wilde. Chris Bailey had been suffering with throat cancer and passed away on 4th April 2013, his band mates confirmed on Twitter.  

Musicians and music personalities will be gathering together for “Rock For Doc” a benefit concert held at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney on 15th April 2013. Featuring The Angels (Doc Neeson, Buzz Bidstrup, Jim Hilbun, Bob Spencer and James Morley), Angry Anderson, Baby Animals, Don Walker, Suze De Marchi, Diesel, Diva Demolition, Dragon, Jon English, Mark Gable, David Hasselhoff, Rob Hirst, Jim Moginie, Mi-Sex, The Radiators, Rose Tattoo, Melinda Schneider, Stellar, Jimmy Barnes, Noiseworks, Red Pheonix.

Liberation issued album Talk The Talk on 17th January 2014, their second album with lead singer Dave Gleeson. Recorded at Alberts Studios in Sydney where the band recorded their albums. Features ‘Book of Law’ music written by Sam Brewster and lyrics written by Angels drummer Nick Norton. The Brewster Brothers produced and arrange the final product. They are going perform all the new songs at two very special pre release showcase gigs this week at The Bridge Hotel, Rozelle, NSW.

Liberation issued 40 Years of Rock, Vol. 1: 40 Greatest Studio Hits and 40 Years of Rock, Vol. 2: 40 Greatest Live Hits on 2nd May 2014. Volume 1 features every hit, some groundbreaking album tracks and a few rare gems to round out the package. Volume 2 is a three disc, 40 track collection that cherry picks the band’s expansive stretch of live recordings from their beginnings in the 1970s through to the current day and everything in between. Liberation Music and Alberts are proudly to announce the most extensive, career spanning The Angels Greatest Hits albums ever released.

A True Entertainer ........

Doc Neeson OAM, Co-Founder and Lead Vocalist, The Angels, 1975-1999 and 2008-2012. Formed, Doc Neeson’s Angels, 2003; and Red Phoenix, 2005, releasing a self-titled album. Led and performed with Doc Neeson's Angels on the Tour de Force tour of Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait, supporting the Australian Troops, 2007. Performed at the Tour of Duty Encore! Concert held at, Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 2001. Initiated and performed in the Tour of Duty concert for the InterFET troops in East Timor, 1999. Involved in fundraising concerts for a number of organisations including MS Society of NSW, Storm Aid Wollongong, Newcastle Earthquake Relief, NSW Breast Cancer Institute, Queensland Flood Victims Relief and Miracle Babies Foundation. e.g. from OAM – Governor-General of the Commonwealth 

Alberts released Doc Neeson single ‘Walking In The Rain’ on 20th March 2014, this would his last recording within seven years. He appeared on ABC TV Australian Story title “A Very Good Rascal” on 28th April 2014. He passed away peacefully at 7.15am according to a statement released by his friend and publicist Catherine Swinton at 11.30am on Wednesday, 4th June 2014. Was born Bernard Patrick Neeson in Belfast, was delighted to receive an Order of Australia Medal for his services to the music industry last year.

Doc Neeson stated "I study Drama and Film Production" from A Very Good Rascal on Australian Story ABC TV in April 2014.

MAX will pay tribute to Australian rock legend Doc Neeson and his iconic band The Angels in a very special presentation of MAX The Artist's Story: The Angels premiering on 6th June at 8.30pm. The one hour special will feature never before seen interviews with lead vocalist Bernard “Doc” Neeson, who passed away this week from brain cancer. 

The Angels 100% were booked to perform on Rock The Boat 4. After the passing of Angels lead singer Doc Neeson. In keeping with the tradition of “the show must go on” and as a mark of respect for Doc, the band have announced that their will perform under the banner of “ROCK FOR DOC”. It will feature former Angels members and guest singers including Angry Anderson, Jon English, Mark Gable, Brian Cadd and more. Together, there celebrate the life of this Australian Music Icon and Rock For Doc!

The Angels are to spend more time in Europe and Scandinavia after a triumphant three-date run through London, Paris and the “Sweden Rock Festival” in Solvesborg. The Angels, rounded out by guitarist John Brewster, drummer Nick Norton and bassist Sam Brewster, played shows in Bali and Japan in recent years but Rick Brewster described the Sweden show as the most significant overseas booking since the Wizards of Oz showcase in Los Angeles. Review by Steve Mascord from Triple M

AMC SA Music Hall Of Fame ........

This month brothers Rick Brewster & John Brewster were inducted into the AMC South Australian Music Hall Of Fame. As locals to the state of South Australia the brothers have been recognised for their contribution right back to the formation of there early 1970's group The Moonshine Jug & String Band. 

Doc “Bernard” Neeson and Chris Bailey were both induction into the AMC South Australian Music Hall Of Fame. A concert “Nod To Neeson” will be held at the Northern Sound System on 19th June, featuring Mark Gable from the Choirboys. Doc's son Kieran says "The concert is a public event so please come and join us for what is sure to be a great night!

The Angels bass player Chris Bailey had become a mainstay of the Adelaide Music scene enjoying much local acclaim in the early 70’s with his group Head Band. His career saw him as a formative member of the groups GangGajang and The Stetsons as well as completing countless tours and professional recording sessions for numerous Australian artists.

A special reformation of The Moonshine Jug & String Band will top the evening’s live performances from Gill Hicks & Gary Burrows with The Immanuel College Choir, Sasha March and Banjo Jackson. On 2nd October will be a special night at the Goodwood Institute for the ongoing Adelaide Music Collective sessions.